My Birthday Is Soon

So today (Feb. 12) at almost 4am I am writing this

Right now i am panicking a little bit because tomorrow is my birthday and i am terrified to see if my ex will tell me happy birthday or not. She broke up with me last year round March 23 though i don’t remember the exact date. I don’t know why but, recently i have started to be that one creepy e we all hate and stalk her online. Keep in mind i DO NOT reach out to her but i just check up on her profile every little while but for the longest time I just want her to not seem like she hates me. I know I am in the wrong for the most part because I am not dealing with this in a very healthy manor yet I still don’t know how to let go. A part of me wants to cut her out of my life entirely but the other part of me wants to keep her and make sure that she is okay. I know that I am getting off topic but i just want he to tell me, even if it is through someone else, “Happy Birthday.” I know it is stupid to hope for that because I know deep down that she won’t do it but I just want to hear those two words come out of her mouth. I guess what is going to be the end of my rant so thank you to anyone who took the time out of their day reading all that, it really means a lot.

It isn’t stupid to feel that way. I understand why you are feeling this way. I did the same thing with my ex. I stalked his profile for a years, just hurting and hoping every year my birthday came that he would at least reach out and tell me happy birthday. It never happened.
My advice is to just keep yourself and mind busy. Make plans with friends and/or family. Go do something fun for your birthday! I know it hurts, but this hurt will pass with time. The challenge is to just keep your head above water during that time.
And Happy Birthday! I hope your special day brings you happiness! And keep that head up. Life will get better!

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Thanks, it really means a lot:)

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