My body has been acting up again

A little backstory on this one;
At the beginning of this year, I was in the hospital for two days, because my body wasn’t functioning the way it should. I felt really weak most of the time and my heart was beating way faster than normally.
After I was released(without any results, to my knowing). nothing like this had occurred again.

Until today? So, like I’ve been feeling kinda bad ever since woke up this morning. My heart had been beating fast again and it got worse throughout the day. At one point, I decided to get ready for meeting up with a friend, when I started shaking extremely. I had to sit down and didn’t stop shaking for like another five minutes. I felt like I had to cry or something, but nothing happened. And besides the immense shaking and heart beating, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. I wasn’t panicking or anything, I felt pretty calm, I could breathe just fine etc.
Once the shaking stopped, I went downstairs to open the door, because my friend was there. We talked for a few minutes, and in that time I almost lost my footing several times.

Has anyone ever experienced this before and maybe knows what it could be?


Hello! First of all I am not a licensed medical professional, I would suggest you seek medical help. But, I do have experience with health and medical issues and it could be something as minor as you might be dehydrated. Not drinking enough water can give you these same symptoms. Please be careful and take care. Here to give you any support you need.

Hello friend,

Have you checked your blood pressure?

I would suggest taking a blood pressure reading on a normal day and then check it during these episodes. I am no expert either but I have elevated blood pressure and when it gets super high due to stress or if I take allergy medicine or eat something wrong, I can feel my heart beat harder and faster until my blood pressure lowers again. Sometimes it also causes me to shake. That being said, I think these symptoms can also be present with low blood pressure.

I don’t know about your medical history, but this is where I would start.

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