My brother has suicidal thoughts

So it’s hitting me again. The ghost of suicide is now right in my home. I was just starting to overcome the other 4 deaths, and then today my brother tells me he almost jumped off the 19th floor. I’m devastated, I’m terrified, I’m desperated.

This is so hard.

Hey @audiochm - I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Is he getting help in any form? Is he in counseling? Is he seeing a psychiatrist? Is he living a healthy lifestyle? Be a listening ear for him. Encourage him that he’s strong. Get him hooked into the HeartSupport Discord. Please keep us updated. :confused:

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He is now on his way to our parents house. He’s not on treatment but he said he needs one today. It’s at least good to know he decided he needs help ny himself.

I just… I’m still too sensitive to this stuff and it just breaks me down to see the top floor of the appt building we (my brother and I) live in and just, imagine him there.

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