My cat who followed me everywhere now ignores me

My cat has been more than a cat to me, a best friend and companion who literally followed me everywhere and not let me be alone. around 2 years ago after i came back home from long time she was ignoring me, then again familiar with me and being obsessive and then ignoring me. When my family went on holiday she wouldnt leave my side and would be 24/7 with me. It drove me crazy because i sometimes wanted privacy but when my family came back she went back to ignoring me and sitting and sleeping next to them. She rarely comes for me to cuddle and it hurts a lot because she literally followed me everywhere and now she doesnt even acknowledge i exist. Its been hurting for a long time this and i dont know what to do.


Cats are like that, my brother has a cat and at one point, she’s really loving and cuddling, the next she wants to rip my eyes out. I’m not sure what to do either, but their animals and us humans have no idea what goes on inside of their heads.

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but my cat wasnt like that. my cat was constant. she would care for me when i cried, she wouldnt leave my side, she would constantly beg for my attention and she has been that constant self for 8 years until the last 2 years. i just miss her harassing me

Your cat has her own personality, just like you, which means her interests, energy and character can change over time. It is understandable that you miss the habit of her following you everywhere and be this emotional support to you. It’s okay for her to detach herself a little bit and change her habits though. That doesn’t mean the bond between you would be less important - from what you describe, it seems very real and very strong!

Besides your lovely cat, do you have some outlets to help you when you need some comfort? One habit changing doesn’t mean you would need to lack of the support that is so precious and important to you. It may just take a different shape over time, and push you to diversify the things and people you can go to when you don’t feel okay. :hrtlegolove:

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