My cats dead

so my cat died today due to health issues that happened very suddenly, he had to be put down today and its been very difficult. i have a very hard time processing what i feel and how to feel it, and i also have a very hard time helping others through their emotions. i used to think i didnt feel empathy just because i didnt know how to offer help or comfort when others are sad because i process it a little bit differently then the people around me, this has been very difficult for me because my family wants me to talk about my emotions but i dont really know how to put it to words without making them sad or making myself uncomfortable. i miss him a lot and its very weird to keep suddenly realizing hes gone. its like i have to take a second to really think about what it means that hes dead and how that makes me feel, and what it means for him as well. grief is something ive never been able to work through well because i find that its something i have to do on my own and its challenging when others want to work through it with me, i dont blame them but its just hard to put it to words how i need to work through it because they usually dont understand. im going to miss him a lot, and i feel very guilty for not insisting we take him to the vet. he showed some health issues but seemed to get better, so we thought it was just something he ate until he was really sick last night. this is just something im going to have to take time to work through, i lost a part of my family today and thats never ever an easy thing but ill manage, im just not quite sure what to do with all of the feelings i currently have.

i also want to say that the support i get means so much to me and it helps me more than i can put into words, but i dont know how to respond individually without making a separate post to update and show appreciation, im sorry that i dont respond to comments usually but i never know what words to use and it always means so much to me, this is an amazing community so thank you all for the help over the almost 2 years ive been using this website.


Hi graciee
I am so sorry your cat had passed away. It is always terrible when we lose an animal companion that has been with us for so long. I know you have been going through a lot and you did not deserve to lose them so soon. I truly hope this has been the last of the bad things that had been happening to you. Grief is complicated and it can take a long time to grief properly so take as much time as you need :wink:



Hi Friend I’m so, so sorry that you have lost your cat. My heart goes out to you. I have a very special therapy cat and just reading your post gave me tears thinking about loosing him one day. I hope you are doing ok, much love. ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Graciee, Oh Graciee I am so so sorry about your little Cat, pleade do not blame yourself for not taking him to the vet, you were not to know how poorly he was. Animals have an inbuilt way of hiding how unwell they are, its self preservation so that they are not seen as something to pick on in the wild, if they look sick another animal will see them as food so its inbuilt in them to not show it. You were not meant to see that until he couldnt hide it anymore. You loved your cat which is why you didnt want your dad to shout at him and you do not have to show that emotion to anyone, you know in your heart how you feel and thats good enough. You are a wonderful person and im so sorry for your loss. Your cat is ok now, no longer suffering and you are gonna be ok too, as always we are here for you friend. Much Love Lisa xx


From: eloquentpetrichor

I am so sorry for your loss, graciee :hrtlegolove:

You cannot blame yourself for not taking your cat to the vet. Animal’s frequently get small illnesses and if we took them to the vet every time then they would practically live there. They are a lot like us humans in that way.

I also struggle to express myself and put my emotions into words especially when dealing with grief. What helps me is to pull up a word doc and start typing stream of consciousness and letting whatever comes out come out. It can help when you feel like there are emotions in you that want to come out but you don’t know how to get them out. Or turn on a voice recorder on your phone or computer or something and just start talking to yourself out loud. You may be surprised what comes out and it can be really helpful.

I know that it can be really hard to articulate what you feel (boy do I understand that) but it can also be so helpful to at least continue trying. I hope you keep trying to understand your emotions and I hope you embrace the good memories you had with you sweet kitty cat to help you through this difficult time. cat hugs :hrtlegolove:


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