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My Constant Struggle

I have been struggling for years with pornography. Seems like since 2006, i have always used porn as an escape from the real world. Now I feel stuck, and I don’t want to do this anymore. It almost ruined my marriage and I’m afraid it will happen again. I need help in facing my demons and take control back on my life. I don’t want to be a slave to this anymore.


@xryanelkinsx hey I understand this so much. I am so sorry that this has been even a big weight on your marriage. I want to say there is a way out of this and you are def not alone. I personally have struggled for years also but what has helped me fight it is having a community that can keep me in check. a small group of 2 to three people that you trust that keep you in check. There are local groups that deal with this struggle and there is no shame in admitting you need help.

when ever you feel the erg go for a run. Replace that energy and longing for something else. Call up a friend. get your self away from the access to it when you long for it.

There are porn blockers and accountability programs that can help you I highly recommend XXXChurch.
Bring this up with your closest church friends and explain you need accountability. This will help you a loads.
There are people on staff at HS that do this so we dont stumble. Seriously This is a battle and the war will be won.

Hold Fast
HS intern