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My crush just rejected very nicely

I moved in to this new place few years back and Ever since I saw my neighbour i liked him but as he is younger than me i never thought much about it. As the time passed i kind of got to know him through his mom as we go for walks together n stuff n he came across very mature n nice person. I never got the chance to interact with him much but last year i got to see him but just hi bye that’s it. I am really attracted to him but kept all this inside worrying of getting rejection but yesterday my cousin kept saying if i feel that strong I should at least tell him. I added him on Snap Chat a month ago just hello hi type. He is 26 and i m 35 so I was very afraid that he is going to say no and just wanted this to carry on like this as I felt happy to see him n get a smile or hi from him made me feel amazing. As per advice from my friends n cousin I felt I should take a shot and I told him my feelings but he said in very nice way that he is talking to someone else presently but we are good friends. I mean I adore him even more now how nicely he handled it all but I am just devastated right now. I am feeling like an idiot for doing this. Can’t express how bad it feels. It’s going to take so much to get out of this as I don’t fall for anyone that easy and when I do then I impossible to get out of it.


Ugh, so sorry. That happened to me before. I was so crazy for this guy, he had it all! We were great friends. He was so funny, compassionate, cute, he was all I had been looking for. I hinted at it for quite awhile and he was dropping hints, so i thought. I decided I better do it before he got away, I mean he was a major catch. I had even listened to Tell Him by Celine Dion over and over to give me courage. Lol.i told him and he was very sweet about it but told me he wasn’t looking to date anyone at the moment but was extremely flattered. Ouch. That hurt big time
… somehow I misconstrued everything. It was really painful. I still loved him and eventually I had to ease out of the friendship cause it hurt me too bad.
The one good thing, I never had to look back and wonder what could have been, like he was the one that got away. Nope he didn’t want me. A few months later he started dating someone so i knew it was personal, he just wasnt interested in me Oh well, it was a long time ago. Anyhow, t least you did it, you did something brave, you took a chance. You’ll have no regrets, like oh man, I should have told him. Sorry though, rejection sucks.


H Jarlia,

That is so nice of you to write such sweet message. I am really sorry to hear your story. I can feel it as I am going trough this phase now. I don’t know why we catch feelings for someone who doesn’t feel anything for us? Don’t like this part played by nature. I am glad you got out of the friendship otherwise it would have been even more painful. I mean it is very painful to loose someone you really admire but then a friend too, it’s double lose. I am very proud of you to handle it so well n thanks for giving me the courage. Mine is just new yet n it’s going to take some time to get over it. You know now I feel I had never told him as it’s so hard to get out of the house as I am feeling so embarrassed to face him. I feel so insulted by this rejection as I very rarely asked any man, when i did he rejected me. It hurts but I am sure with time it will all get better. Wishing you all luck in this universe to find your happiness.