My crush rejected me

i loved her ever since 2020 And got a gf around that time then ages ago i got into a new school and she was there THEN SHE GETS MY NAME WRONG SHE USED TO LIKE ME? so i had a chance but shes over me and has a bf so im really sad ib roke up with my gf FOR HER! idk anymore ok? advice pls


Hi there, I understand that relationships and crushes can be really complicated at times. From the way you said your story, I think that it was just a matter of timing and such. However, I think you should talk it out with your ex-girlfriend because she might feel downhearted from the breakup. Think about it first, because I don’t know the exact details of your situation; so this is only an idea.
A big that personally helped me and my friends when either of us were in situations like these was the act of acceptance. Letting it be is one of the biggest forms of relaxation that allowed me to step back from the scene and reevaluate what should and should not be done. Again, while only an idea, take it into consideration and it might help. Please do reach out if you have any more feelings or concerns to address! Thank you for sharing on this platform.

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Welcome to Heart Support, Two

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Rejections are tough, it can be a disappointment to know that the other person does not have the same feelings for you as you do for them. People change, and as humans, we like consistency, so a sudden rejection may be jarring. There might be a lot of emotions that come with this event and stick around for a while. These are the result of all the time and mental space you gave to her, how much you liked her, and the happiness that came from being with her. Sometimes, these feelings may pass with time or come back only occasionally, as you continue on with life and find someone who likes you just as much as you like them (trust me, they exist). Even so, it can be a difficult process to recover. Other times, the feelings stick with you, and that is okay too. Remember to take care of yourself, however you like to do that, and talk to someone if you need.

Here for you,

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Man, I’m so sorry, @Two. I can only imagine just how painful and shocking it was that she got your name wrong while you’ve been together before and actually shared life together. Logically, this kind of experience have to mean something and you’d naturally expect for them to remember you, or at the very least your name when you see them even years later.

I don’t know how your relationship was, how it ended or the overall context, although on her end this might have also be a way to signal that the page was turned on her side. It’s a brutal way to communicate it, but that might be a logical reason behind this. Of course I don’t know her intentions there or if it was completely unintentional, but I understand that this was far from being a comfortable situation for you.

Hopefully, one day maybe you’ll have the chance to clarify this together, or maybe find a sense of closure. I do hope that, either way, you won’t let this discourage you in any way. Her reaction might just be tied to your story altogether and how things where, but it certainly doesn’t mean anything about you, how important, valuable or worthy you are. :heart: