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My dad and how its going

my dad seems to blame me for our relationship he says i don’t wanna try and i just wanna live with my mom and it’s true but he doesnt wanna realize that he is the problem he is the reason why i want to leave.i feel so weird if we have a good weekend together because if we have a nice time i feel so bad wanting to leave but he has caused me so much pain.he has said sorry but only when he was asked to he didn’t decide on his own to apologize to me.he hasn’t been yelling at me this weekend with him but it’s still awkward i feel like he is kinda ignoring me i definitely haven’t been trying to be close to him lately but it still feels weird i don’t know what to do im only 13 and i have to be 14 to leave his house for good but i don’t know if i can hold on that long.i have been cutting myself lately and not telling my mom because i don’t wanna cause her more stress i feel like i’m losing myself.


Hi Fynn - thank you so much for posting here for support. It takes a lot to put your feelings into words and even more to share those words with others. I’ve had to explain something to my kids lately that I think fits here as well: you can be happy about one thing and still sad/upset/angry at another thing at the same time. Being happy in one situation doesn’t negate the pain you’re in over the situation as a whole. I would absolutely encourage you to talk to your mom, and I would definitely suggest talking to a mental health professional or counselor at your school to help support you through all of this! As a mom, I would absolutely want to know if my child were in pain in any way… I hope your mom is the same way and willing to listen and get you what you need to heal from the inside out!


From: mr_tib

Hey Fynn, Parents just don’t understand things that we go through. do your best to communicate respectfully and try not to turn words into an argument. I can tell that you’re going through a really hard time right now, I just hope that you will remain careful, and stand for what you think is right.


i opend up to my mom i feel alot better my mom is very supportive and loving i do have a therapist who knows about my situation

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That’s truly awesome @fynn. So proud of you for reaching out and taming your fears. It’s really good to hear that your mom is supportive and you’re seeing a therapist. :heart: