My dad is dying and I’m moving

The title pretty much says it all. My dad is having kidney failure and if making him extremely weak. He’s elderly and can’t undergo a lot of medical treatment because he has a weak heart. I can see the signs of him deteriorating and it’s heartbreaking. I’ve dealt with this before with my mom. To give a little back story, I was adopted as an infant by an elderly older couple and was raised by their son who had a young family at the time so I lived with them until I was 12. My mom passed away two years ago due to COPD and I didn’t handle that very well. I was sent into a depression I didn’t know existed and can still feel the ripples of today. I know what it’s like to go through this and I’m going to have to face it again and there’s nothing I can do about it. To top it off, I’m in the process of moving across the country and already have an appartment and am looking for jobs in the area. I know he’ll be in good hands because we have family living on the same property and close by that are always over so they will take care of him. I want to go make a new start for myself but I don’t want to leave. But I know what happens if I stay. I know that I’ll still feel just as bad and I’ll have to find a new place to live anyway because I won’t be welcome here when he’s gone. Time is running out and I’m caught in the middle

Hey Snubz. It really sucks to lose someone close to you, and losing a parent is a really sad and horrible thing that you don’t think about until it starts to happen. We’re here for you if you need someone to talk to.
It’s crucial you hold on to the positive moments you have all had, especially together. I know you’re moving practically across the country, if you find yourself near Boston/Worcester, Ma USA and need a friend I’m here for you.

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Hi Snubz. I’m sorry about your dad. I can’t imagine how much you’re hurting. I don’t really have the answers you’re looking but I want you to know you’re not alone. Treasure the moments you’ve had with him. His legacy will always stand. Moving away is going to be tough - but it could be good for you. Whatever you decide to do doesn’t change the love you have for your dad and the love he has for you.

Hold fast

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Hey @Snubz39,

I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and father. If you don’t have one already, try to build a close network of friends to help you through difficult times. Time might be running you, as mentioned in your post, and although we have no control over time, we have control with what we do in the time remaining. Cherish the moments you have with your dad, and in the meantime, form strong friendships. We’re here for you.