From foobie: My dad knows I get anxiety when the laundry is started late and his gf just started doing laundry, it is now 8 pm, laundry is supposed to be done at 10 pm. He has said before that he understands it gives me anxiety but when I told his gf not to do it late he just yells at me that the time its done is 10 pm and that I am changing the rules. I have had so much stress from school that I haven’t been able to sleep, anxiety from laundry makes it impossible to sleep. This is because I live in a basement suite with my dad and the pump goes off for the hot water every 10 minutes. It is unbearable. I can’t breathe right now and I want to cry. I say how I feel at any time to him. I just want to die right now.


From ManekiNeko: Oh foobie, that is really stressful. Doing housework and making noise so late at night isn’t really necessary. Maybe there could be a schedule for laundry days or at least time frames for it and hopefully you can sit down with you dad and tell him that you’ve been struggling to get a good night rest, so would it be possible to plan out when things like the laundry gets done so that it doesn’t keep you awake?

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From Aq: Just offering a virtual hug. <:Hugz:377590408030453760>

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Sometimes my wife’s snoring would keep me awake. I started using ear plugs. Trying to change other people’s behavior is stressful, and it succeeds only when the other person really wants to, and even then it’s likely to only be temporary.

When I fly, I either use earplugs or noise cancelling earbuds. I have a continuous loop of ocean waves and rain playing at night, so if my wife’s snoring isn’t really loud, I find the recording to be very helpful for relaxation.

It’s easier to adapt than it is to compel someone else to change.

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From foobie: We do have a schedule, every sunday and thursday until 10 pm. He knows it gives me anxiety but he gets mad at me anyway. He yells at me to say it will be done before I go to bed but he doesn’t need to yell at me to say that

From foobie: I do have earplugs and a noise machine but I can still hear the pump go off every 10 minutes because it is a door down. I am in a basement suite