My depression never seems to go away

I’ve had depression most of my life and I’m really getting tired of it. Sometimes my depression would come out of nowhere. I mean nothing triggered it, it just comes. And when it comes back, it comes back stronger. It makes me want to go away and just die. I hate when it gets that bad. I feel I’m not in control and it scares me. I just want it to end. I’m tired. I’m tired of trying. I’m tired of fighting. I sick of playing this same old game. One day I will lose this fight.

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Hey there.
How old are you? I am 28. I live with depression and anxieties for 15 years. It started when I have been abused as a child.
I found that fighting this issue is a long term process. Every little steps counts. I have been out of jobs becouse of it, I lost my girlfriends becouse of it. I hurted loved ones and myself.
Things started getting better since I have stop going on compromise. The struggle continues but I am armed with experience and will.
It’s possible to live with mental issues like that. Just it takes time to learn how and to find a good place for your sensitivie identity.
Don’t give up and keep looking for solutions. Every individual gets through depression different but If you want I can tell you which steps helped me the most.
Good luck. I am with you holding this burden.

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I suffer from severe depression because i am diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD from childhood trauma. Mine comes in cycles. Im currently in an active depression. I want to be legally euthanized because i do not feel its right that i have to exist and be traumatized over and over because of the severe abuse i suffered. Anyway i understand that it feels sk hopeless because i too do not know if i am going to make it. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my Lord and savior. I have faith that he will heal me and that is my only basis for living still. I want you to know that love, i believe, can cure anything. I have to remind myself daily that im still here and as long as i am im not going to let my illness beat me. The euthanizing is because i dont feel like my memories will ever end and i would rather just not exist. Everyday is a challenge.

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i know that I have low days sometimes. I wanted to die a few days ago. I thought of all my friends that I would hurt. I know that it sucks when these things happen. But you can pull through. Just do your best. You can get through it. Hold fast friend!


Hey Beautiful,

This reminds me of me. Every time I feel suicidal. Every time I struggle to see more in myself than just mental health issues. Every time I get stuck in my head.

BUT, it is worth getting through.

There is a lot in this video that I hope helps


Hi @DyllonKG, thank you so much for taking the time to make this and thank you so much for all the advice! I really do appreciate all you said. I am thankful that theres good people like you who take time to help people out when they are at their lowest. It really means a lot.
I will try to input more positive thought, self-love, and patience when my depression episodes start to hit. And I will try to not shut down and put myself down as often.
Again, thank you so much!

I go thru depression every single day of my life but what keeps me going is God and his Torah and being a better person. I am not perfect but I try to do what is good and be a positive force in this world. I wish you the best. Don’t give up.