My devil in i is my desire for a parent wanting my

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My devil in I is my desire for a parent, wanting my father to be here and teach me how to be a man and my feminist mother to even treat me as an equal to my sisters. Now my dads dead and I’ve realized my mother is manipulative and hateful towards me, and ive become a codependent and desired the love of a mother that I projected it onto my gfs, and that wasn’t fair. I’ve never told anyone this so it’s weird as hell and cringes me the F out commenting this but I hope to god you feel more free after creating your mask. I absolutely love that you did this episode, thank you so much :heart:

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Hey friend, thank you SO MUCH for sharing these parts of your story with us. Here’s a voice reply for you: My devil in i is my desire for a parent wanting my - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport - 18 June 2024 | Loom - Hold Fast.

@@HeartSupport thank you so much for that, I appreciate you more than you know. And yes I absolutely hope it helps other men going through what I’m going through, also I hope it shows women what their sons can go through if they raise their sons this way, but my real hope is for everyone to be extremely happy and not have to learn on their own or feel the burden of shame for just being alive, it hurts like hell.

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