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My Dog had a seizure


My dog just had a seizure. I thought she was dead. I’m really scared she isn’t going to make it through the night. I’m m hoping she does, but at the same time I don’t want her to suffer. I want her to be up I’m heaven with God and no more pain. She’s old and I want her to die knowing she had a good life. But I’m also scared, scared of getting hurt again. My grandfather died, and so did my cousin, I’m not prepared for another one. Prayers are appreciated.


I’m so sorry to hear this, I remember when my dog had a seizure, it was terrifying. Just from reading your post I can tell that no matter what is next, your dog has had a good life as you sound like a great dog parent who loves her dog tremendously! I’m sorry about your grandfather and cousin, life can be tough when it feels like its one big thing right after another. I’ll be praying for healing for your dog and comfort for you with everything that has happened and is on your plate at the moment.


I’m so sorry! Seizures are scary! My sister had them most of our growing up. I am sending you so much love right now. I hope that your dog finds a smooth and speedy recovery. And if it’s time for them to go, that they have a gentle passing. But I hope that they recover my friend. I’m so sorry.

  • Kitty