My dreams of my solo project fail

Man just everything with my music project just never seem to work out. It felt foolish to believe that I was finally do at least one show this summer and now it like shit not happening. Me getting covid, really fuck up everthing with my band project. The drummer even responding to my texts. I do dread text saying this show is not happening.

I wanna prove all the fucking cocky prick that down to me wrong. That I can do something with my music and im not shitty musician.

All wanted to share my music to people, I did not wanna big rock star, not to go on tour or play big venue. I just be happy playing to sound guy, I just wanna play local shows and jam with good people that can call friends. It just break my heart, I can’t never do things right.


Hey @Metalskater1990

I think every musician and singer have probably had times where they were rejected or just couldn’t get a break. Then, with persistence and hard work they get their break. When you watch shows like The Voice or American Idol, you see a lot of people get cut and the judges remind them of the hard times they went thru before they made it big and encourage them to keep trying and practicing and not give up.

Don’t let this set you back, work hard and be persistent and you’ll get your break.

Hey @Metalskater1990,

I hear you. It’s so hard when we project on doing something that really matters to us but have to cancel for reasons we can’t really control. It sucks. It makes sense that your first reaction in the light of these new circumstances is to feel discouraged. Thinking in an “all-or-nothing” is a trap that we can easily fall into when it’s about things that we really have at heart to accomplish. But it’s also unfair to yourself.

Just recently, I’ve had to face some personal limits and review decisions/future changes that I really wanted to implement in my life. Just like you, I’ve started to feel defeated, like initiating some kind of grief mixed with some desperate hope. As you’ve said, it really is heartbreaking when we feel like something that matters to us is taken away from us. We’re standing here, craving for that moment, this change, this event or whatever it is. We feel ready! Yet for some reason it can’t happen, or the timing is wrong.

Something essential to keep in mind is a very little word that holds a lot of significance: yet. In your situation, what these circumstances say is that you might not do a show… yet. It may not be when you’ve planned it at first - this summer -, but that doesn’t cancel the possibility for your project and your dreams to become real at all. If it doesn’t happened at the time envisioned, then it might be planned later on. Your music project is not over.

These recent news are a bummer. But it doesn’t cancel your passion and what you’ve been working on! Take your time to process and grieve this specific perspective, but please don’t throw away your dreams as a whole. The show not happening this summer doesn’t mean that your goals would be impossible to meet. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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