My Dwarf Planet Challenge

So I’m reading through Dwarf Planet and it’s been amazing so far. I have a challenge where I have to share my reasons for being depressed here they are:

Stress/Life Events
Past Pain/Trauma
Lack of Purpose/Direction

I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts and if it’s similar to my experience.
Thanks guys!


So glad that you are in the process of reading through DP and that you decided to share about it here – brilliant, friend!!

Definitely can relate to all of the above. Could you go into a bit more detail about what each of those looks like for your life?


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So growing up I had a dad who mistreated both me and my mom. On top of that whenever he was home he’d scream at me and abuse me verbally. So I really didn’t have a good relationship with my dad. So most of my depression and lack of purpose stems from that.

Tell me more about that – what is it about your relationship with your dad that makes you feel depressed and purposeless? What conclusions did you make about yourself / about life as a result of your relationship with your dad?

I started the book but have not complete it. It’s a very good book to go through. Whether you do it a little at a time or all at once. I think it’s great that it’s serving as helpful for you.

I think I really need to go back and go through it again.

Thanks for sharing!

I come from an abusive environment so I can relate. For me it is my strained relationship with my mother. Who was an alcoholic, addict and someone who refused to get a hold of their mental illness.

I hope this book helps you work through that. I know how hard it is. It takes a while to heal from those sorts of hurts.

I am reading the book as well it is a great book but it is making me focus more on my depression and it’s scary because when your in a depressive state of mind you don’t tend to focus you zone out and let your mind take places. Like today I went on a massive porn binge and that’s what happens to me when I get really depressed and I go a few days without it then it creeps back in I am stronger than I know I just know I am going through it. But I’ll be OK I just got to continue what has helped me heal and I haven’t gone to church in 2 weeks I notice when I don’t I feel more depressed than if I go once a week