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My ex has started to stalk me after 3 years of silence


As I have said many a time in the discords and twitch streams I am a HUGE fan of the MMO Guild wars 2. It’s my safe haven, a stress relief and an inspiration for me.

Over the past week I have lost that security. I was told by 5 of my friend that my ex quit the game.
He found me in an event and started yelling at me by a dev and that was well as some other issues got his account banned for some time.
Last week I saw him in game, I thought nothing of it. He’s back whatever, it never mattered to me. Our relationship was over 3 years done and I had no leftover regrets or doubt. He was manipulative, greedy and selfish. He wanted me for sex or money, so much so I had to start selling myself to meet his needs. He still never showed me the love a person should deserve. But after doing some events on different maps and going to areas that are locked by level or items. He was there. Always. Right. There. He sent me a whisper, I panicked. I switched characters, Hoped he wouldn’t find me. I was wrong. He was still right there, Right behind me. I was going crazy. So I just logged off and didn’t play for a few days, just logged on to get some daily items maybe on for 10 minutes max.

On Sunday I logged on to play, had that want to. After an hour he wasn’t there, so I played for the rest of the day, just forgetting anything happened. He was just trying to scared me. I let him but whatever. I still can play now.
Then Monday happened. He Messaged me, telling me how much me still loved me and regretting acting the way he did. He sounded like he was actually regretting things, a sincere apology. Was weird but whatever. Didn’t want to handle it, so I ignored it. I really didn’t care.
Then he sent me another message asking if I had read the first one.
Then another one telling me good job on an event I had done.
Another, a congrats for a good drop.
ANother one saying sorry, he’d leave me be.
I was reaching my limit. So I DMed the Dev that helped me the first time saying that he was back. I was getting weirded out. Understandably. He was trying to connect and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.
An hour after he sends me 5 messages, talking about HIS life, how HE had it hard. He was trying to pull a pity card on me. It worked the first time so he thought it may again. If he was really sorry and meant any of the things he said. How he felt bad, how he regretted it, how I was never wrong, how I wasn’t the bad one. Why did he then just make it about him. Try to make me feel bad for leaving him despite the issues. He found out that I was in therapy. He doesn’t follow me anywhere that I know of so now I’m scared he’s gonna start following me everywhere. He continues to message me over the next three hours. I just send him a message trying to stop him ask him to stop. over one night he sends me endless messages.
My therapist tells me to stop him and close it off, I also get a response from the dev. They said tell him to stop and he doesn’t them we can do what we can. I set up a codeword with the Dev if she need to jump in to help me.
Today, Tuesday, I wake up and get on. 7 messages. 6 of them from him. Trying to talk to me, trying to get me back. Knowing my fiancee’s name, the name of the cat I got after I left him. I don’t know how he knows any of this. Over 5 more hours he’s messaging me with more bs. So finally I cave in, despite not wanting to talk to him I listen to the advice given to me. I message him saying that He needs to leave me alone, forget me, live his life without bothering me. To go away and is his life is so bad try to fix it. I felt sick withe very word I sent to him.
He responded and told me that he was too broken to fix. I am done.
He just messages me endlessly. I DMed the dev again telling me that I’ve reached a limit.
I can’t handle him messaging me anymore.
I felt safe in this game, and that’s been broken. I Stream this game but I’m scared to cause he’ll find out. I’m a guild leader, people depend on me but I’m so scared to even get on.

I’m hoping something gets done. I don’t want to be scared of a place I called safe.


I hate to suggest this but it seems he is contacting you through the game because he’s afraid to contact you IRL. Maybe he plays the game because he’s a gamer but now he’s not doing it to play the game which means he’s not a player. He’s doing it to harass you. You asked him to stop. HE didn’t. He doesn’t respect you at all.

Go with the devs ideas yet I think it be safer if you just drop the game. Find a game similar to GW2. I use to play the game myself. The games I play now is Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online & I am giving Final Fantasy 14 a try. They aren’t similar to GW2, but they are good games in their own right plus they’re MMOs. These games you do have to purchase to play but most are buy once. I think FF14 is subscription based.

I am a free account on GW2 I always purposed to buying the expansions but I never played it enough to justify buying the expansions. I am sorry that GW2 isn’t your safe place anymore.

Also I suggest you make sure you put up measures to ensure you’re not being followed. My guess is either a common friend/family member is telling him your life or he has someone tailing you. I suggest you keep things to yourself that you may have been open to others about considering your family or friends. Unless you blog or have social media accounts then most likely he is gathering your information from those especially if they’re public.

I hope your ex becomes a ghost in your life. Sorry.


I’m working with a game Dev on this because the dev and I have become close friends. I’ve been able to just find times when my guild is playing just so I have security. I’ve blocked him so I hope that gets the message through.
I also know him, he would want me to quit. He would want me to leave. So I’m not going to let him win. Even if I am scared.


Good for you. Be safe and Blessed be.


Want to keep this fourm updated.

After apparently a long discussion my dev friend updated me.
My Ex will be temp banned for 1 week and then a whisper/mail mute for 2 weeks