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My family adopted a cat (not directly mental health-related, but wanted to share)

Hello my friends,

I know that what I am posting isn’t directly mental health related, but I wanted to share with you all that my family adopted a sweet cat named Charlie over Thanksgiving (Canadian) weekend. There has always been tension in my family given that I live with my parents and grandparents (e.g. in-law disagreements, caring for the elderly, being a young adult living with two older generations, all of us having experienced mental health trauma, etc.), but Charlie has- in just two days- single-handedly created an atmosphere of trust and love. He has already given us so much love, and we are so happy to have him be a part of our family.

Thanks for reading guys, and thank you for always being here for me,


I’m so glad to hear there is more love and trust in your house, plus a cute fur buddy! Congratulations!

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Thank you so much @SheetMetalHead! I am really thankful for all that he’s brought into our house too! Also, once he’s not so shy, I’m excited to share some pics on the discord! :purple_heart:

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Aaaah, this is so awesome. Pets can bring so much love and peace. When I was a kid, my cat always had this way to comfort me or be playful whenever I needed it. Now I’m allergic to them - worst curse ever :expressionless:.

I’m SO glad to hear how Charlie managed to create a warm atmosphere in your family. This is so, so precious! And actually more mental-health related than we think sometimes. They just truly are the best when it’s about unconditional love. Congrats on welcoming this lil’ buddy! And thank you for sharing, it brings a smile. :hrtlovefist:

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Good for you, Alex!
Me and my sisters convinced my strict dad to finally allow us to get a pet for years ago and still today we have two adorable kitties that are brother and sister.

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Thank you so much @Micro! You’re absolutely right about the unconditional love of pets. I can’t believe Charlie is already adjusting and so trusting with us. I feel so blessed.

I hope that the cat allergy lets up one day! You deserve another furry friend! :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much @bvb! My dad is also quite the strict man, so it warms my heart that you guys have two kittens. :purple_heart:

Congrats on the cat. Cats are truly wonderful amazing creatures. I recently just celebrated my cat’s tenth anniversary of rescuing him. May Charlie provide you many years of cuddles and comfort.

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