My family destoryed and it my fault. Im a pecie of shit

I hate seeing my mother cry, becuase my sister and brother push her out of theirs lives. My brother marraige a abuse women that hate me and not allow to see my newphew. My sister post on facebook that she had an abortion ( To be Honest she made the right choose and I believe in pro choice) The thing is i come from a Catholic family so naturely they got hurt. So my sister and brother think for fact were religious and strict really mess them up. In addition, I do agree that our religious background was not the best and Im today atheist because of it. However, I do love my parents and honesitly the best people in the world. Of course they not perfect, but still they gave me so love and they gave me everything. My Mom is the reason I have not try to kill myself ( I though end it all) Becuase she love me so much and she was their for my darkest hours. She told to follow my passion and dreams, she help me though school when I want to quit. Now she dosen’t want to celebrates hoildays and told about what my sister had said. My family destoryed and want to end everything.

Hi friend,
I’m so sorry you’re going through this.
All I can say is try to be there for your mother. I know she loves all of you very much and just cares about you. She may just be super upset and doesn’t know what to do about anything. I’m sorry for what happened with your siblings. I’m sorry your family situation is so messed up. You don’t deserve to be involved in that. at all. I just encourage you to do the best you can with this whole thing. I really do with I could take this pain away from you. It breaks my heart to see you having to deal with this. But friend, I know you can fight through it. You seem like a very strong person and I know you’re capable of fighting this. I love you so much. I hope things work out soon and you make the best of everything you can.
Stay Strong

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I’m really sorry to hear that your family is being torn apart right now. That must really hurt to see your mom hurt. And especially because of religion. I grew up in a catholic household so I know how strict families can be. However, I’m so happy you and your mom have a good relationship. I’m so happy that she was there for you. You know, sometimes people just need time to be upset. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt or that it’s always okay what they do, but I think that over time old wounds can heal and relationships can be mended. Not always, but I do think time can heal a lot of wounds. Take care of yourself and know that we are here for you.
Much love,

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