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My family is all dispersed now and this will be my first Christmas entirely alone. That on top of multiple aspects of my life being turned on their head is making for a very difficult holiday season


Hey friend. I hope Christmas has been a time during which you had the possibility to take care of yourself, as much as you can, and that it keeps going as such during this season. It’s heartbreaking to have to be alone during a time when it’s a tradition to reunite with our loved ones, share life together, give and receive love in ways we may not express at different times. If you ever need connection with people who care, Heartsupport community is present on online platforms such as Discord and Twitch. These of course don’t replace the need to see your family, but it can help to reduce this sense of loneliness and put away the stressors of life, even just for a little bit. Please know that you are seen and cared for, even if it’s just by a stranger online. And if you’d like to share more about this situation, we are willing to listen. Your voice matters. You’re loved. <3


Hi friend,
thank you for sharing with us, welcome to our community. spending time alone, feeling lonely is sometimes
very difficult. especially on christmas. i can relate to that, the last years i spend this time of the year usually
on call for my company and i live apart from my whole family. also spend that time alone, and felt the lonelines
more then usual. take care of yourself, there will be other times for sure. time changes more often all the things around us. your actions decide your outcome. don’t let life drag you deeper in a hole, do things you love and spend your time with loved people. its easier said then done, but always worth a try to keep your mind
positive. you matter most ! you are loved and you are worth of all the good things in this world my friend,
feel hugged :purple_heart: