My family just started getting back on their feet, then this happens

Hi everyone, MoP here.

Well, life WAS getting better, and everything started evening out and getting back on track. My family was finally getting back on our feet from my dad’s (still) unsteady oilfield job, mom and dad were just getting confirmation that our car was indeed sold, and that we were getting our money, and that we weren’t screwed over. I was getting on the road with my license, and starting study for finals, and prepping for my therapy appointment (which got cancelled today). Recently I discovered my dad had relapsed on his smoking habit, and that he’s been hiding it for months (I had suspicions, but whatever), so that happened.

So what’s going wrong? My mom is getting sued for over $100 000 from her previous employer. This is a massive strain on us, since we were just barely getting by as it stands, and we were putting aside money for us all to go on a trip to the UK with my marching band. Well, now my parents aren’t going. On top of that, my therapist appointment was cancelled today (which I kinda needed), without much of an explanation. On top of that, dad has been super stressed about work and losing his job due to failing oil markets in Canada, and his smoking habit, and drinking. Lots of drinking now. My passport has disappeared from this planet, which we need. I’m barely passing classes, my car is no longer drive able, since some important tensioners are broken, and apparently our water bill wasn’t paid, and we just got notice.

Am i stressed? Yes. Am i losing my mind? Yes. Am I pissed off? Yes. Am i worried i will fail finals? Yes. Am i scared? Without a doubt. Do I know what to do? Not one bit. Everyone around me (friends, other family members) are just getting by fine, but as soon as my parents and I get back on our feet, we get sucker punched. I don’t know how long we can keep getting up, at this point.

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@Masterofpuppets2012, I’m sorry things are going like this for you. But you can push through this. I know how it feels to seem to be the only ones pushed down when everyone else is going fine. But you don’t know what’s going on in everyones life, it may not be as perfect as it seems. Maybe you could ask these family and friends, see if you guys could borrow some money.
But I’d advise trying your best to focus on finals. Presently it’s like this, but you need to work for your future.
Hold Fast friend :slight_smile:

Hey I am so proud of you for making it this far. I know what its like to have that anxiety on whether or not things will work out for your family. I am always so appreciative of how thoughtful and sweet you are on everyone’s posts. You deserve so much better. I wish the best for you and your family. You are strong.

@Bvblover16, and @depressedllamacorn, thanks for the kind words. It honestly means a lot. I’m just not sure how well we will be doing in the future during these proceedings, and if we can even keep our house together. We will see I guess :confused:

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