My Father is Sick

Today as I was at work, my grandma came to my job and told me I needed to leave. I was unsure of why, and the next words out of her mouth were words I didn’t want to hear. She said your dad had a heart attack and he’s been life flighted to a hospital an hour and a half away.

In that moment I lost it. At work. With all of my employees standing there I lost it. I’m doing okay I guess. They will be doing surgery in the morning. Please please please just pray. Pray for him, pray for our family, pray for comfort. I can’t lose my dad.


I pray for him. I understand how you feel. I hope everything will be alright. Try to do things that will help you relax. I know it’s easier to say this, but I believe in you. It will be okay. Give us news about your father.

Prayers lifted from my family and I!!!


I will give you my prayers.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad! I hope he recovers and is able to go home soon. So much love to you and your family.

Update: surgery was today. He’s out. He’s doing okay. He’s sleeping. He’s not coming home today. Thanks for all the prayers and support. If you’ve messaged me I’m sorry I haven’t responded. And sorry I didn’t say much in this post.


Don’t be sorry. Just know we are here, we love you, we care and we wish you and your family all of the best right now. Only update when you can and want to. Focus on you and your family. No rush.