My Father passed away

He passed this passed Friday June 7th


Welcome evergreen. In a way your name holds such a powerful representation of how one can thrive in life through the hurt and pain that comes with loss.

Your father’s absence from this earth is so pointed and heavy because he held such an impact in the world. You got to be loved and got to love this person.

My heart goes out to you in this time of grief. Take all the time you need. Share what you need.
Know that you have a space to be heard

I’m so sorry for your loss, @Evergreen. Losing your dad just a couple of days ago must have left such a huge void in your heart already. It must feel so very present yet completely unreal at the same time. Like all of it is just a bad joke and he would show up again to share life with you. It’s so hard to even realize, emotionally and physically, that someone so close to us is not around anymore.

I’m sending so many hugs to you today. Know you are safe here sharing how you feel, letting your thoughts and emotions out as well. We are by your side. :heart: