My father refuses to accept responsibility

Its been a while since I haven’t been on here but I needed to speak. My father has been hiding from me and my mother and he refuses to pay for money he stole from us and our lawyer has served him two times I left him a very harsh message to my father that I found out what he did and he needs to face the music and I also called my two uncles and told them to tell my father that he needs to contact out our lawyer so we can settle out of court but because he is a coward he is in hiding and I made it very clear I will have him arrested and put in jail for his crimes. My father doesn’t care to hurt people and he thinks he can walk away from damage like nothing happen and I can’t allow him to get away with this travesty. I will make sure that he will atone for his sins and crimes through the justice system.


Do you believe he has the money to give you? That he’s in hiding means he’s already a prisoner. It’s a bit of a standoff because he may be banking on the fact that while in jail, he won’t be able to earn money, therefore he doubts you’ll have him arrested. Word needs to get back to him that if he’s not paying now, you have nothing to lose by having him arrested.

Harshness of messages are not as likely to produce results than those which are calm, clear, and leave no doubt that you mean business. That kind of communication is scarier than one that sounds like you’re upset.

Remember, getting your financial needs met is more important than making him atone, unless you don’t need the money.


Oh, friend. That is all so wildly frustrating. I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this. I hope that it will all be sorted out soon so that your family doesn’t have to continue to go through this pain. Please know that we’re here for you.


Hey Ranma, It nice to hear from you. Im sorry to hear that your Dad is not taking responsibility for his actions but pleased you and mum have decided to hold him accountable. I truly hope that with the help of the lawyer and your strength of character all will work out the way you want it to and soon you will be able to move forward with your life in a happy and healthy way. Much Love Lisa. x


Sounds like the situation is under control. You have to trust the process, long as it may be. The courts are always a headache, but in the end you will get what you deserve. It’s just a matter of patience.


Hi Ranma,
thank you for reaching out, thank you for coming back, nice to hear from you.
on your side you have taken the action towards your father over court and your lawyer, so in the end there will
justice for all what he did, no one can hide forever. only Nessie.
you are doing amazing, for the work you did and do, your family. you can and should be so proud of yourself
and take also a moment to give yourself the self-care you need sometimes. with people you love and love you.
you are loved, i am sure, you matter most and hold on. feel hugged :purple_heart: :face_in_clouds:


Hello Ranma

It can’t be easy to deal with emotions surrounding a family member stealing from the family. I think the fact that you have addressed your father with a message, and contacted the correct legal people to try to resolve the situation is great. It is very positive that you are standing up for yourself, and standing your ground. You are awesome for this strength. Hopefully you get the outcome you want, and everyone gets what is theirs.