My final hour

Today I just changed mentally and I’ve realised that life just isn’t worth living anymore. I have lots of things I can’t do before I die because I’m 15 years old so I really haven’t even truly lived yet, but I can’t seem to believe I have a place in this world. Honestly, I’m scared and afraid of death, but it’s my last option.

So, before I end all my pain and suffering I just want to do one last thing to make me happy before my story comes to its end. I’m lost and I need suggestions to help me have a shred of happiness in my final moments so what makes you guys happy?

Don’t bother trying to stop me. I’ve made my mind up. I have 1 hour left until it’s all over.


hey @MyEnding please call a crisis hotline. your pain is not worth ending your own life all you going to do is cause pain in those who you truly care about . here is some resources below . Please reach out .
Crisis text line - text HOME to 741741
Suicide hotline - 1-800-273-8255
National suicide prevention chat -
National child abuse hotline - 1-800-422-4453

  • Ashley
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Hi friend,

I’m sorry you are hurting. You say an hour, but I’m hoping this means that you truly don’t want to. And that you are able to find some sort of way to distract or find peace of mind. Ashley has listed a whole bunch of resources that are available to you if you need. Please reach out if you need to. You matter. You are important.

I know life can feel so difficult sometimes. I know that there are all kinds of things that get thrown at us and it can be so overwhelming and hard to take on. We are perfect strangers but I care about you. I want you to be okay. It breaks my heart that you are out there feeling like this is what you need to do to fix how you feel.

We are here and we care. Please stay.

When I need to feel happy and have an outlet, I paint. I draw. I create. I play board games. I watch happy movies that I love and enjoy.

I’d like to know what YOU love and enjoy. What makes you happy? What has made you happy in the past? And would make you happy if you could see it happen?

I hope you’ll come back and share with us.

Sending you so much love

  • Kitty
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Hey @MyEnding,

We’re here for you. I’m sorry you’re hurting so much. It’s not fair. But death isn’t your last option. What you’re feeling right now won’t be the same for your whole life. Let us help you and think about other solutions.

I’d like to know that you’re okay since you wrote this message.

Stay with us. We care about you. :heart:


while it does not make me happy, actually speaking to someone is nice. if you have no one to talk to then yeah…call one of those help lines. at least talk to someone and let them hear your final words. i call the suicide crisis line when i just can’t take it anymore. i find it helpful and satisfying to actually hear myself talk out loud about my shitty life. try it. why not. sounds like you have nothing to lose. hope you are still alive to read this. its the next day after your post.

Checking on you. Hope you’re doing okay. We care. Please reach out if you need to okay?