My final post. Goodbye Heart support

This year for Christmas I’m setting everyone free from me. I’m sorry to all those I’ve hurt. I’m sorry for those I may hurt for what I’m about to do.


Friend, you are loved.
Disappearing will not free anyone of anything. It will create a giant emptiness because you are unique, you are you, and you are loved just as you are.
Please, don’t harm yourself and talk to us. What’s going on?
You are not alone right now.

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Hey @dampbread,

I wanna check if you’re okay. So if you read this, please keep us up to speed on what’s going on.
You are loved.


You’ve already come so far, you can’t give up now. Every trial you’ve faced, suffered through and overcome won’t matter unless you make something from it. I know you have it in you because you’ve already made it through so much, you just have to take it day by day. You’re here for a reason, so many reasons. You can help so many other people if you choose to use hold on and encourage others as you go. Maybe you hurt people in the past, but now you can turn that around and start loving yourself and others

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