My first time opening up

So hi!

My name is Tobi it’s my first time trying to open up with my feelings, I usually write what I feel and turn it into a Song but I’m trying to share it with people cause I know I’m not alone and I hope we can help each other out. I am not promoting my song or anything, I just wanna share what I feel when my thoughts are trying to push me to end it and I hope it’ll help you too.

I hope you like it


Hey, thanks for sharing your song with us. It is always great to hear someone express themselves through music. There is always something to being able to find a way to express yourself in a way that is able to build you up. I am very glad to see that you have been able to do this! Keep strong and keep pushing forward.
Know that you are worthy of only the positive things, the good things and the things that will move you forward in life.

You are loved, you matter and you are cared for greatly!


This is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, I can hear your expression in your voice and your guitar playing is so smoooth. I love this free style, It’s so beautiful. Thank you SO much for sharing your art with us. I love hearing free expression pieces so this was such a delight. I also loved your voice - so smooth and clear. Thank you for brightening up my night <3. Many blessings to youu xox and never stop creating!


hi @Tobikoy !

first off, welcome to the HS community! really happy to have you here with us and share your highs and lows no matter the format.

speaking of, this song is AMAZING! i love how you are able to take this form of art and craft it into a coping mechanism that can help others not feel alone in their own struggles while also having this calming song to chill to. i can feel the emotions you poured into the song and hope that it was as much of an outlet for you as it is for others to hear and relate to the lyrics.

your vocals paired with the guitar are incredible btw. you mentioned how you wrote the lyrics but did you also write your own sheet music? because dang, tobikoy, you are talented!



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