My first writing request!

Okay so it all started with me being super bored. Made a post about it and a random user said “remarry your husband” with absolutely no context behind that sentence but it gave me an idea.

I started writing a wedding scene between me and a favorite character out of boredom but it was entertaining and I posted 4 different parts of the fanfiction so far just for fun because the app is mostly anonymous anyways. And I got different comments about how people liked my writing and it motivated me!

I got one comment saying, “I wish I was the girl in the story even though I’m a guy” and I offered to make the main character gender neutral maybe so anyone can insert themselves. And then they requested I write a different scenario in which they told me it would be something they would definitely enjoy. I was ecstatic about it and agreed!

I’m so happy someone liked my writing enough for a request. I’m super duper happy and its Friday so I have a lot of time to work on it!


This is so amazing! Not only doing something you like, but also to have such positive feedback! You must have a beautiful way with words for people to project themselves into the story you’ve written. How exciting! I hope this could be the beginning of a journey for you into creative writing. Enjoy the goodness you bring and receive! :hrtlegolove:


This is great Amaris. I am glad that you have found this amazing way to spend your time making something that makes you and others happy :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Congratulations! Being able to create inspiring stories is a fantastic gift.

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