My Friend is Being Cancelled by 4chan

My friend accidentally angered some people on 4chan and now they’re cancelling them. They told me that they’ve been receiving DMs on Discord of disturbing images. (They deleted their 4chan account yesterday.) I want to help, but idk what to do. Whenever I try to express empathy, they feel worse and blame themself for me feeling bad. Honestly, there’s not much I can do because the situation is very triggering, but I’m worried about my friend’s mental health and I want to help them. What should I do?


4chan is a VERY toxic place. If they’re getting disturbing DMs on discord, tell them to delete their discord account and make a new one. It’s better if they delete their account and stop getting the DMs rather than keep it and keep being uncomfortable.


Okay… idk if they’ll listen, but I’ll try.

Also, is that a system pride flag I see? :slight_smile:

Yes it is! We’re a DID system. I’m actually surprised someone knows it.

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Of course I know it! I’m part of a system myself! :smiley:

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Oh cool! More system friends /gen

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Anyways, an update: They said they’ll make a new Discord account. Hopefully the 4chan sociopaths will lose track of them now.


Good! I hope they’ll be okay.

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Update: They’re no longer getting the DMs, but they keep getting disturbing videos in their YouTube recommendations, even after clearing their history. Do you think someone may have hacked their YouTube account?

it’s possible. Maybe ave them take some time to see if the algorithm can fix it. if it doesnt, they should either sign out, or avoid youtube for a wile.

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Okay. I told them to avoid YouTube for now. Hopefully it fixes itself…

However, there’s a new problem. Remember how I said that I’m part of my system? Well, my protector told me that my friend may be lying for attention. What do you think?

If you’re really concerned that they might be lying, ask them to show you a screenshot of their youtube feed. At least it’ll put your mind at ease.

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I would, but if they’re not, then I’ll have to see the disturbing stuff, and that’ll trigger me. I’ll just see what happens…

Back in college I got stalked and harassed because of a post someone put up about me on 4chan. It’s a nasty nasty place. Keep reminding them it’s not their fault when they keep expressing that they think it is. Have them block folks and set DMs to only being from friends. And then think of something fun you both could do to take your friend’s mind off of the situation. And as always, you could point them here!


I can appreciate your protector looking out for you! I always say it’s best to trust someone you already trust until they give you a reason not to. :slight_smile:


Can we just… delete 4Chan as a whole in all honesty? It’s such a dark and toxic place, especially when it comes to minority groups


Agreed. It’s full of sociopaths.

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