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My friend plans on committing suicide next week

So, I have this friend, but he’s more like kind of my boyfriend. He’s given himself this time limit. He said he’s going to commit suicide when he turns 25 which is next Monday. He wants to commit suicide because “he’s genuinely bored of life.” He’s an engineer (apparently they get bored of things more easily or something) and he said that psychologists have said he has Alexithymia, also known as a lack of emotions.

He said he wanted to commit suicide when he was 21 but our best friend convinced him not to and begged him to stay until he turned 25.

However, he has stated 3 things that would stop him;

  1. If he finds something that’s worth living for that he doesn’t get bored of eventually.

  2. Someone’s life relies on his existence.

  3. I don’t really remember 😕

He really doesn’t feel emotional connections to things. My friends and I rave a lot and kinda live for raves and the music. But my friend says music doesn’t mean anything to him, that it’s just nice and cool but it is just background noise & he only goes to raves and festivals because it’s fun and something he can do with friends. He says he’s not depressed, suicidal or anything. He’s just genuinely bored of life.

My friends and I have begged him to stay and he’s seen psychologists but I don’t think he wants to take medications. His friends and family know and we’ve tried everything but our friend is really stubborn and we kind of know there isn’t anything we can do to change his mind. He’s been baker acted before but he minored in psychology and in general, is smart so he ‘cheated’ the system and knew what answers the psychologists/psychiatrists were looking for.

My friends and I plan on calling the police on his birthday but we don’t know when he’s going to do it or how and I feel like he’ll just cheat the system, get out of the hospital and kill himself.

I can’t sleep at night because I just keep thinking and trying to come up with solutions, having nightmares about getting calls that he’s gone and picturing him killing himself. I told him how it makes me feel and he thinks he’s just “another person coming and going in the world” he acts like he’s replaceable and not important in my life.

I try to remind him about future stuff like getting married or having a family. My service dog is kinda like his “son”. I keep bringing up points like family? me? Or Atlas? (My service dog). I’ve even asked about traveling the world for a bit etc. He said “it sounds fun but I’ll probably get bored” or “I’ve already tried it”.

His whole family knows & all his friends know. His parents think tried everything they can, but know my friend won’t change his mind. They’re the ones who forced him to see psychologists.

The day of his birthday or maybe the day before, I’ll talk to my friend, we’re going to call the cops and report it. the only thing they can do is baker act, test him, keep him for 3 days, test him again & either release him or keep him longer. But he knows what they want to hear and so he knows how to pass the test.

I don’t know what to do or if there IS anything to do. I’ve never lost anyone to suicide and my moments with him are some of the best moments I’ve had and when I have felt pure, genuine happiness. I don’t know how to cope.

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Calling the police is the best thing to do. Take action now. Regardless what your friends think. Prove to him he is loved.

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this is a huge thing to have on your shoulders. i know it seems super hard but it is best to get professional help now if he is so set on this you have done so much and probably even more, more than he could ever thank you for years from now he would look back and see such an amazing friend for helping him through these times but i think letting a professional help is what is needed

i hope you know that you are such an amazing friend for him and that we are always here for you