My grades are slipping, what happened to me

I used to have straight A’s. Ever since quarantine started my grade have been diving. Its the very beginning of 2nd semester and I already have 5 Fs and 1 C. I feel like such a failure. I dont know why I cant just do my work, I’m trying so hard. And I cant stop procrastinating. I hate it so much. I’m trying. It hurts so much to see my past grades. Nothings working. I’ll set down my phone at the other end of the house and still end up doing no work. I just stare at the wall. What is wrong with me. I’m running out of excuses to my teachers. I used to be a trusted student, now I dont even know what I was supposed to learn the past year. My procrastination is getting worse, and I just got a hold of it. I want to succeed. But I just can’t get myself to do ANYTHING. Everyone keeps saying it will get better next quarter but it didn’t. What is going on. I dont know what to do anymore.


This happen to me too so I don’t really think I can help much, I need the same help as you

Hey @blumbus

Thank you for reaching out and sharing this here. Know that you are most certainly not a failure. You are not your grades and they do not reflect your capabilities. We are living through something we’ve never had to before. This pandemic has changed so much of our every day lives that it is more than understandable for it to have a negative effect especially regarding school. Distance learning is completely different than in person. You’re isolated even though you can hear and see people through a screen, but it’s still just through a screen. That takes it’s toll on mental health and concentration can start to become a struggle. You clearly want to do well, put the work in and are trying your best but the circumstances are truly difficult and that is ok to recognize that it is a struggle. It still doesn’t mean you are a failure. You are doing the best you can with the situation you’ve been given. It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of different methods to try and help you concentrate and not procrastinate as much so maybe it’s not a question of working harder and beating yourself up for not having the same grades you used to, but rather not putting such pressure on yourself to be 100% like you were pre quarantine and instead recognizing that things are not the way they were through no fault of your own and you have been forced to adjust and are still trying to adjust and that is ok! Maybe remembering that will take some of that pressure and guilt you may be feeling to have straight A’s and you will be able to concentrate more and procrastinate less over time?

Hold Fast,

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