My grandma died october 19 2018 cause of cronin ca

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My grandma died October 19 2018 cause of Cronin cancer and massive turmor my mom told me she died in the Philippines :philippines: midnight the 19th of October I talk to my grandma through messenger she couldn’t open her eyes she was so fragile and I said I love you grandma please live please and then I find out the next day I just was devastated and cried and broke I posted on Facebook I mean it was so sad that till this day I’m grieving 5 years
I love her and she’s happy to see me live 32 years I tell Myself if it was me that died rather than her when I heard bout Paul’s death on 2010 I was in a behavioral institution in Missouri I was doing a speech class and read it I was so shock and yes devastated I actually talk to him by messenger and Jim too it was cool now he’s in peace god bless him


Hi there friend,

Thank you so much for sharing with us here. You are heard, you are cared about, and you are loved. Grieving is one of the hardest parts of being human. And there is no real time table. But we can help each other out, and get through the hard times together. We’re here for you at heart support.

Slipknot had such a special way of connecting with people, and I’m so happy that you have been able to share that connection. Please keep jamming the tunes. And please stay strong❤️


Hi there,

Thank you for coming here and telling you about your story. Grief is something that doesn’t have a timeline. It can definitely get easier over time but there are also some good days and bad days, especially if you were super close with the person who passed away. at the time of my writing this (June 17, 2024), my grandmother died 5 years ago on the 14th. It was truly a devastating loss and I do find myself thinking about her and missing her still, five years later. And that is completely okay to feel that way.
I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you know that you are not alone and you have so much love and support. I hope that you know that your grandmother is always here for you. I think that passed-on loved ones truly find a way to make themselves feel present in the universe, even if they are not physically with us.

With love,


hey friend,

i’m so sorry for your loss of your grandma. i know those messages through messenger meant the absolute world to her and provided relief, comfort, and unconditional love to her. thank you for loving her. grief has no timeline so please allow yourself that patience and grace to work through any and all emotions that come your way. it sounds like you both had an immense bond like no other which is such an amazing thing. just from your comment alone, i can confidently say that your heart is strong, resilient, and full of so much love for many. i believe in you to continue in your journey with your grandma’s love surrounding you.


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Hi there,

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with so much loss. It’s clear to see how much you loved and cared for you grandmother and the love you shared with her is truly beautiful. The way you spoke to her with such tenderness and love in her final moments shows the depth of your bond. Grieving for someone so dear can take a long time, and it’s okay to still feel the pain even years later so please be patient with yourself. Your memories of her and the love you shared will always be a part of you.



hi friend, i am so sorry to hear about your grandma’s passing. losing someone so close is incredibly tough, and it’s totally normal to still be grieving, even years later. it sounds like you had a really special bond with her, and I can tell how much she meant to you. it’s beautiful that you got to talk to her and express your love, even though it must have been so hard to see her in her state. those moments you shared are precious, and it’s okay to hold on to them. i think your grandma would be really proud of you for finding ways to keep going, for living your life, and for remembering her so lovingly.

sending love, celina <3


Hello there friend,

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. As someone who dearly loves their grandmother as well, I can understand that the news was devastating. Even though it has been five years, grief has no deadline, and it’s a constant reminder of the person who used to be a part of your life and the bond you shared. I’m sure your grandmother would be very proud of who you are today, so continue to live your life and cherish the time you guys spent together.



I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandma. It is perfectly normal to still be grieving; there is no template for this process. We all grieve differently and many times we grieve for years. That just shows the love that you have and the impact she had on your life. You said that you were both blessed to be apart of each other’s lives for 32 years and I know that she is so proud of the person you are. It’s so difficult to lose loved one and others that we have a connection to, whether it be personally or through their words. Their legacy lives on through you and their words continue to impact the lives of countless others and thats because you are strong. You’re never alone in your grieving, I hear you and there is always an hear and shoulder for you in those darkest of hours. You don’t have to grieve alone, we are here for you.

With love and support,



@@HeartSupport thank you all for all your love and support the unconditional love from all of you this will always be in my heart I love you all I’ll always strive to live and love my grandma always listen to Slipknot stay sic my dear friends and family like @CoreyTaylor says