My grandmother has a test today to find out if she has cancer and I found out why my best friend is ignoring me

Today my grandmother has a test to find out if she has cancer and I’m really nervous. I don’t want find out if she has cancer. My grandfather has already passed away and I don’t want to lose anyone else. I know that death is a part of life but I still can’t process it. She’s only 56 and I love her very much. We have a very good relationship and I I don’t want to lose her. I don’t know when we’re gonna get the results but I hope it’s the same day. I also found out why my best friend is ignoring me and I kind of don’t want to know anymore. I kind of don’t want to see him anymore. Yesterday we talked but then he got mad at me and he didn’t end up responding. I feel like he’s never going to talk to me again. People tell me to give it time and he will talk to me again, but it’s been about almost a month and I can’t stand it cause I really want to talk to him. It’s too much for me to handle right now.

Hi friend.
I’m so so sorry you’re going through all of this. This is a really hard and scary situation and I hope that everything works out. It’s difficult to think about losing someone you care about so much. I encourage you to spend as much time as you can talking with your grandma and spending time with her. It’s possible to fight through this. It is possible to do all that you can in this situation.
It’s definitely a hard thing to process and it will take time, but I know you can get through this. I can tell you care about her a lot and you’re scared for her well being, but my friend, this will work out. You will be okay. We will be here for you no matter what happens. We will listen to you whenever you need someone to talk to and to be heard.
As for your best friend, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. That seems really frustrating. If you feel like you need a break, or you don’t feel like you should carry on with the friendship, I encourage you to think about it and decide what’s best for YOU. You’re in a time where a lot of personal things are happening, and you don’t deserve to have to deal with a friend who is acting like this. Maybe some time away from him would be best for you. Or maybe try to explain to him what is going on in your life, and maybe he’ll understand. If he chooses to not listen, or act out, or get mad, just focus on yourself and spending time with your grandma.
If you feel like it’s too much for you to handle, try reaching out and working things out. But also understand that you cannot change other people. If he decides to not talk to you for a while, that’s his issue. You are an amazing person and you don’t deserve to have to deal with this.
I love you friend. Stay strong. You got this.

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It’s not only his problem because I still want to be friends with him. So technically it is my problem.

well still, you can’t control people’s actions or what they’re thinking. I would still try to reach out and talk to him. If he doesn’t listen or gets mad, I would try to ask him why he’s mad, and what he wants from your friendship with him. Try to ask him how he feels and if he still wants to be friends. It will be hard, but if you want answers, I would try to have a mature conversation with him. But still, don’t let how he’s acting affect you. Its HIS problem for acting this way. There’s no reason why you guys can’t work this out like other people.
love you friend. feel free to update me on what happens and how you’re feeling: ) hope this helps.

I know I can’t control his actions. But it’s still my problem. It’s his problem too. But it’s my problem. Because the one dealing with it.

do you think you could try to reach out to him and talk about it? tell him how you’re feeling?

He’s ignoring my text and he pretends I’m not even there. So not really.

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