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My grandpa I had to get air lifted two hours away to get medical attention after I found him unconscious last Thursday. He is still in ICU and we are just not sure how this is going to turn out. He raised me like a father would and he honestly is my best friend in the entire world and I do not want to lose him. We lost my grandmother one year ago, the anniversary was just two weeks ago. I’m struggling but trying to be positive. Thank you for letting me share. :heart:


@bhooks92 hey! Please continue to stay positive, and put out positive energy for your grandpa. It may be scary, especially feeling uncertain about what the future holds, but I’m sending you positive vibes and healing for your entire family :raised_hands:

@austin.mcauley thank you so much brother. I really really appreciate that. :heart:

@bhooks92 thank you so much for sharing. The pain of loss is such a heavy burden and I wish nothing but the best for your current situation. Sending love and positivity your way :heart:

Hi Friend,
That must have been so frightening to find your grandpa unconsious like that, I am so sorry that happened. When something unexpected happens like that its the not knowing isnt it, all you do know is something is wrong with someone you love very very much.
The fear and upset you feel right now is perfectly normal and its great that you are trying to be positive, and until you are told otherwise try to keep it that way. He is in the best place he could be and in ICU the care is amazing, he will want for nothing and the best thing keep he going is the love he knows that comes from you.
I am so sorry for the loss of your grandma last year too. I will to send positive vibes to your grandpa to aid in his recovery. Best of luck my friend. Take care. :green_heart:

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@tyler_k2347 thank you so much! I’m doing my best to stay that way, I’m thankful for your positivity and kindness. :heart:

Hey friend. This must be incredibly stressful and heartbreaking for you, especially during a time marked by grief already. I hope you make sure to take care of yourself even if it’s particularly difficult under such circumstances. The love that you have for your grandpa is beautiful and strong, and there is no doubt that this is something that is helping him right now. Please keep us updated, if that is okay for you. I’m sending plenty of thoughts and hugs to you and your family. <3

Geez - living in the middle of tragedy. It is so hard - time is such a molasses thing. It is hard to slow things down to process what you’re feeling. It just feels like …almost out of body. Witnessing the loss of someone (or hopefully their recovery) - but it is stirring up in you just how important this man is to you. It is stirring this insane depth of gratitude for the love that he has given you. Which then triggers some kind of regret - did I express it enough? Will I not be able to? And it feels like you just want to pour out your love on this man - almost like a debt that you could never repay but want to try…there’s just so many emotions swirling in the whole process, but it is all happening so fast, and it is all out of your hands - to feel the powerlessness of it all makes it hard to “grip”, like it’s hard to actually slow it down enough to understand…crazy…just feels like you can only experience it in this moment, but it feels like there’s so much you want to do / wish you had the presence of mind to have done that it makes experiencing it linearly stir a fear that you won’t do the right thing in the end and almost like you’re pre-experiencing regret for things you wish you could have done. A lot of weight you’re carrying in this whole thing.

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@heartsupport I absolutely will. Thank you so much for the outreach and for caring. It’s helpful beyond words. He’s trying to fight and get better! :heart:

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@heartsupport it won’t let me reply to everyone individually, but just know I have read every message and so thankful for the care and support! :heart: