My Heart is breaking

I am aware that some will find this a strange thing, a person can love a bird so much that her heart feels like its going to break, her stomach churns and that she would do anything and beg anyone to make things different because she loves this bundle of feathers so much that the thought of waking up each day without seeing her or hearing her just doesnt bear thinking about probably is odd to some. But Holly is my girl, Holly is my partner in crime she is joy in my life, we talk, we play, we sing and dance, we unpack the shopping together we have tea, we are we and I love her as much if not more than any human.
Holly is sick and im more than certain she isnt going to get better and I dont think i have too much longer with her and she sees me crying and just burys her head in my shoulder, Im not ready for this, i know i have to do what is best for her and I will, I always will. but im not ready and I dont think my heart can take it… The joy and beauty in my life will be gone the day she goes.


My heart really shares your grief and sadness, dear Lisa. These beautiful beings bring pure joy and love that comes without any judgement and any conditions.
I’m so glad that Holly has you in her life and that she has felt so much love.
I’m sending both you and her all the love that I can muster. X


I’ve wanted to reach thru the computer and hug you all day. :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove:

You know how I feel about Ziggy and how destroyed I will be when he is gone. There was the one time I didn’t think he would make it thru the weekend to see the vet. I was full of anxiety, fear, sadness, guilt and knew if he didn’t make it, I would prob have a big time break down. So, my heart hurts for you.

I know you already know this but, I’m always here for you and I’m also glad you posted. I hope that over the last few days I haven’t talked your ear off too much, I just wanted to keep your mind distracted. Its really hard when your friend is hurting and you can’t be there IRL to support. We are so limited being online.

You’ve been awesome with Holly and she has lived like a queen. What bird can say they had tea with their owner? It still cracks me up that she loves tea.

I love you my friend and whatever you need from me, just ask. :hrtlegolove: :hugs:


Oh friend,

I wish I could give you a hug as well. I am proud of you for letting us know what is going on. Holly knows that you love her & that you will do the best for her. I am glad that you have had her & felt the love from her that you deserve.

My heart hurts so much for you & Holly bird. Give her pets from me. I am sending all my love to you both.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hi Lisa,
i am so sorry, my thoughts are with you and Holly now. this is so sad and heartbreaking.
only can imagine what this might feel right now, but from hearing Holly is having a wonderful and
beautiful life so far. you and Holly can be proud about the friendship and relationship you two had.
it is a thing of beauty to witness.
If there is something i can do for you, i am here always. anytime for you my friend. best wishes and
greetings to Holly. sending you love and hugs from the bottom of my heart.
let us be there for you, like you are for others. you and Holly deserve that.

  • Andi

Do not for one second feel like you need to justify your level of love for that little bird. Holly sounds like the best companion and friend.
What i can tell you is i lost my furry friend in febuary and since i’ve healed lots and my heart is filled with joy and hope again.
My husband and i joke that our late cat was just too good for this world so he had to become an angel. It sounds to me like if holly does pass she was just too fabulous and ready to get her angel wings.
Hang in there. All will be well again.


It’s not at all strange or silly to love a companion and to have them be the joy and light of your day.
Take all the pictures, make all the videos you can, hold her, capture her voice, capture all the moments you can, play with all the toys. Those will help you so much in the future.

Holly is such a little star, and her life has had so much value and meaning, and you’ve loved the heck out of that little lady. It’s a blessing for her to have known the love you have for her. It’ll hurt, but you have the countless memories of her to hold on to. Thanks for sharing her with us as well. I’d love to see more of her here if that would be helpful to you too.


Dearest Lisa,

The love we can have for our pals made of fur and feathers is as real as the one we can have for other human beings. They share life with us, they share our joy, our sorrow, they bring beauty in our hearts and no one can ever deny that. The bond that you have with Holly is so special and so beautiful. I can only imagine the heartbreak it is to see her health declining and thinking about they day she would be gone. She is such a huge part of your life, even of our little community here, and the love you have for each other is so unique. Nothing will ever take that away for you – not even death itself. It can never defeat love.

I’m thinking of you today and rooting for you both. Holly knows how much you love her. We do too. And just like you are there for her, we will be here for you. Love you. :hrtlegolove:


lisa, my dear friend,

i wish there was something i could do to heal holly and keep this joy and beauty in your life around forever. but i know what’s realistic and i can’t even begin to imagine your pain and anguish… she’s your everything and it frustrates the hell out of me that we can’t have these family members forever. i know none of this is a real comfort but if all i can offer is to say “this sucks and i’m here for you,” then that’s what i’ll do. sending you, holly, and the rest of the family every ounce of my love and comfort. love you, lisa.



Oh, Lisa I am so sorry :hrtlegolove: Holly is so lucky to have you with her and I wish that we could find an elixir to keep our beloved pets from becoming lost to the abyss. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling right now. Sending you both lots of love and hugs.


Oh my, Lisa, I’m so sorry that Holly isn’t doing well. There are no words for times like these, but Holly truly is family to you and losing such a beloved pet is so painful. I’m confident that Holly is thankful for all the love that you have offered her and continue to offer, and that you have offered her a truly wonderful life.

You are loved and valued, and I’m so sorry that you and Holly are going through this. Know that I, and the entirety of the HeartSupport community, are thinking of you and Holly and our hearts go out to you.

<3 Tuna