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My heart is so broken Please help


I’m in so much pain. I have to let go of someone I’ve loved for 5 years as a friend and recently gotten closer with. The future was looking promising and I was completely blindsided by what God put on his heart and that is to leave me and just focus on his career. I feel like I’ve been cut to my core. I can’t stop crying. I have no motivation. How do you just let go of someone you truly love with all your heart ? Everything reminds me of him. This fucking hurts. I wish I could just erase my memory.



I’m sorry you are not doing well. I know how it feels when you love someone, whom you been friends with, and decided not to be with you anymore. I am not if this generation is becoming more self-centered? I’m not sure. God is not punishing you. Him and you are not responsible for the ones who walk out of your life. God is good. He is with you. He will never forsake you. Even though humans fail, myself included, He will never fail. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will get better. Peace.


Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am fully relying on God during this time. It just gets really hard at times. I know this will pass. Just hurts really bad to lose someone who means so much to me.


Here is my thinking. Did you love him as a friend and he wanted to be more? Did you consider what he thought about your relationship like maybe he didn’t feel the same support from you that he gave you?

Maybe you guys weren’t really friends ever and he just saw you as an annoyance.

Either way you should move on and not think about it. (I am not religious myself yet I am active with my local church and it is interesting how many different ways people figure that “God” talks to them. I have no inclination of the difference between being talked to by “God” or having a perspective that you decide to take an action. Both ends up with you making a decision.) It is hurtful when someone you depend on end up not being somebody you can depend on. I suggest finding a replacement (I am not saying that he can be replaced) or becoming more independent.

Best of wishes.


Our minds have been parallel on thoughts and feelings all this time. Our vibe was effortless. And then bam, blindsided. Because of what God put on his heart. He says he still loves me and his feelings haven’t changed, but I haven’t heard from him in days now. Like he just fell off the face of the earth. I completely agree with you on “Being talked to by God or having a perspective that you decide to take an action and both ends up with YOU making a decision”. I’m just full of hurt and anger right now, despite how much love I still have for him. Sucks that I have to lose an amazing friend who I had an incredible connection with. I guess you’re right though, I have to move on and not think about it. Life sucks and love hurts. I know it will pass. Just waiting it out sucks. Trying to keep my head above water at this point.


Be strong. If He truly loves you then when He is alright and is sure He’ll return. If it is not to go on then it doesn’t matter because it would never work out. I’ve had friends that were once close and even though a couple still check in on me it just never works out because it just wasn’t meant to be. (I am not chalking it up to fate. I’m chalking up to priorities. People just get different priorities no matter how compatible they may be.)


You’re absolutely right. Thank you so much for responding. Talking on here has helped me immensely!