My job killed my self confidence

I’ve always struggled with self confidence issues all my life. But I feel like my job has killed what was left of it. I consider myself to be a good employee. But I just can’t seem to get promoted from the bottom of my company. I know it’s a small thing by itself but piled on with everything else. And my job is ok. But its bleeding into the rest of my mentality. I have no confidence anymore in myself, or my job, or love life, etc. etc. If I cant get off the bottom why do I think I can do anything else?


The way I see it from a manufacturing perspective, employees are like pieces of equipment for a company. Some companies take better care of their equipment than others, but ultimately the equipment is there to produce whatever the company sells. Sometimes companies upgrade their equipment to do more, but sometimes that equipment is doing just what they need it to do, and they have no reason to upgrade it. Companies that claim to be employee-centric are just making investments in their employees to keep them happy, and thus productive. The company isn’t invested in the humanity of its employees. The department of Human Resources is there to make sure that the humans are taken care of, so that they remain valuable resources to the company.

As a piece of production equipment, YOU are your brand ambassador. It’s up to you to sell yourself. The company doesn’t care about promoting you unless it sees that promoting you would make you more valuable. If you feel you have more to offer, pitch yourself to the company. Make it known that you want more responsibility or a promotion. If they won’t give you that, go find a company that will. Apply for jobs. Tell them you’re the best damn piece of equipment they can buy. Be your brand ambassador. If that seems like a lot, get networked with recruiters who can also help spread the word about your brand. They get paid by hiring companies, so it’s in their best interest to get you the best job they can.

Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe this is depressing. In my experience though, anyone who thinks the company has their back is trusting in an entity with no soul, and anyone who feels like they’re beholden to a company will be taken advantage of until they have nothing left to give. Flip the script. Work somewhere until they have nothing left to give you. I’ve averaged 3 years at each job I’ve worked, and every time I’ve changed jobs, I’ve grown my responsibilities, skills, and salary by leaps and bounds. I haven’t waited for my employers to notice me, I’ve advocated for myself and made other employers take notice.

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I feel your pain. I was in a higher paying position with more power and recognition for about 3 years. Foolishly, I decided to transfer to the same position at a much more stressful location. I eventually had to go on medical leave, and then was essentially demoted. They basically stuck me in a job that on paper would be less stressful, but turned out to be almost as bad (but with less pay and zero recognition). Over 6 years I dealt with the stigma of having been demoted for mental problems, not fitting in with my new coworkers, and the humiliation of having to literally serve people who I once worked with as an equal.

I applied to every posting I could find, and I went to countless interviews and wrote countless exams. I only ever got out of there once, which was a temporary assignment as an administrative assistant. The job kind of sucked but at least it got me out for a while. But then I had to go back. Nothing I did made any difference. It destroyed my confidence to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever be able to work again.


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