My life is going to shit and idk what to do anymore

Ok so. I was in school today, at lunch, just minding my business, when I heard this group of girls across the room laughing. I looked over to see what it was about and I swear one them looked away from me really quickly when she noticed I was looking. They stopped laughing and kept eating. I was diagnosed with anxiety a couple years ago, which didn’t my help with my depression, caused by the death of my dog. I’ve been trying really hard to keep it under control, but I just know those girls were laughing at me for something. Needless to say, that event ruined the rest of my day. I went and sat in the toilets for like 15 minutes and felt so overwhelmed I started crying.

It feels like I’m spiralling tf out and nothing is helping - my parents don’t believe I’m depressed or got anxiety, despite the anxiety being medically diagnosed. They never listen to me and always ignore my cries for help. I don’t know where to go anywmore. I don’t have any friends. I’m crying all the time, even as I’m writing this. I just know everyone hates me.


I’m the first one in, so I’ll get the count going:
I’m a person, genuine human being and I do not hate you.
(i hope others will hop in and also add to my count!)

I’m sorry you lost your dog, losing a beloved pet at any age is heartbreaking.

I’m also so sorry that being in that situation made you think up the worst, and that the feelings followed that. School’s hard, and having anxiety must make it harder. We don’t know for a fact that those girls were laughing at you. It’s easy for our brains to look for proof and evidence, but sometimes that’s a bit wrong.

Even if they were laughing at you, maybe they were talking about something FUNNY you did?

It’s hard when our brains automatically gives up a negative reason for something. I hope you have a good weekend and are bale to do something fun or interesting. You matter. I’m glad you’re here with us, friend.


One thing’s certain - those girls don’t really know you. If anything, they’re laughing at your appearance, possible misfortune or some other shallow and meaningless thing. Vain, shallow and mean people suck. If you thought they were laughing at YOU, you’re mistaken because as I said, they don’t actually know you. They have conveniently proven that you don’t need to give a damn what they think. From this day forward, never let them get under your skin.

That may be how it feels, but in order to be hated, you have to do a lot of rotten stuff. I doubt that’s true of you. If you’re living with the assumption that you are hated, I doubt if you’re willing to approach others or allow others to approach you. You do have to be discerning. It wouldn’t make sense to approach those mean girls. However, if you can remain impervious to their shitty behavior, don’t be surprised if one or more of them approaches you. The difference between leaders and followers is that leaders are far less likely to care about the opinions of vain, shallow and mean people. Typically, this results in the mean, vain and shallow people sucking up to the leaders.

I’m sorry that your parents aren’t sensitive to your situation. Is it possible to get some counseling through your school?

You are truly loveable and everyone here’s willing to love you. (((((((((HUG)))))))))


From: ManekiNeko

that’s so hard. It’s so heavy when the anxiety is hitting hard and when there’s people around and making the environment feel even heavier. Our thoughts go to any scenario that could possibly happen and often not in a good way. I’m also extremely sorry your parents haven’t listened or tried to understand how you’re feeling. Do you have a school counsellor you can talk to?

I’m also very sorry for the loss of your pet. They’re more like friends aren’t they? I know how upsetting it is and I know how the weight of grief can be so overwhelming. My thoughts are with you x


From: twixremix

hey cheesestick,

first of all, welcome to the forum. so thankful that you know that you can lean on this community for support and encouragement. anxiety, especially coupled with depression, is such a difficult beast to tame. it’s understandable why the lunch interaction left you with a bad feeling. with your medical diagnosis of anxiety, did the doctor also talk with you about treatment/med plans? i definitely encourage you to speak to your doctor about this next time you go in for a check-up or earlier!

even when we’re at our lowest and spiraling the hardest, we are open to the greatest change. and you reaching out to this forum despite the world weighing you down shows your strength and perseverance; you deserve love and encouragement! so thank you for being here and opening up. i hope you can receive the support and understanding of your parents, the guidance from professionals, and the comfort in knowing that you matter and have infinite value. you got this, my friend, i believe in you.



From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Cheesestick, and welcome to the HeartSupport forum. Thank you for coming here and sharing with us. I echo Sita’s sentiment that I do not hate you either.

It sounds like you are dealing with a lot in your young life and that you don’t have the support to help you through it. I’m so sorry for this. Everyone deserves love and support. I hope that you find some people that you can trust to talk to about all of this and that will help you deal with any bullies you have at school.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you again :hrtlegolove:


Cheesestick, Welcome to Heart Support. I’m glad you are here. I hope you find this a safe place to talk about what you are feeling and what Is going on in your life. I’m so sorry about your dog. Losing a beloved furry family member is so hard. I hate to hear that your parents aren’t taking your cries for help seriously. How frustrating. Is there a counselor or nurse or other trusted adult at school or in your family you could talk to? Perhaps you could get help that way.

Now as for your last sentence - I will definitely tell that no - everyone does NOT hate you. Especially here. Here you are welcome to hang out. You matter very much, you are valuable, you are loved. Please let us know how you are doing.


Hello new friend,

I am so glad you have found a place to land here on the HeartSupport Wall. This is a place that will love, support and encourage you in the rough spots in life…as well as share in the moments of joy and celebration in the wonderful spots in life.

I want to encourage you to take it one day at a time, even though that might seem like a huge request…I believe you can do it. Always reach out when you need anything. We all are here for you and want you to be the best you that you can be.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hey Cheesestick, welcome to the forum!

I am so sorry that you are going through these feelings right now. Anxiety can pull your thoughts and feelings back and forth from the smallest, oddest queue. And those thoughts can be hard to shake or rationalize, no matter how many different ways you try. I hope that you know that those negative thoughts that pull on you aren’t the truth of it. It is a hard situation to be in, and I am sorry, friend.

I encourage you to keep working with what ever doctor/therapist you were working with. Hopefully it will let you understand further what triggers your anxiety, and what methods you can use to help when you feel overwhelmed. You are loved, friend. Hold fast.


Hey there, @Cheesestick

First off, welcome! Thank you for being so brave today and sharing with us your story. Your school years are so rough, and it’s so much harder when you feel like you don’t have any friends and your parents don’t believe in you.

With what you said… I think going to a trusted adult may be your next big step. A nurse, a school counselor, a trusted teacher, your doctor— make yourself heard anywhere you can about what you’re going through. I understand your family not believing your anxiety, the same thing happens with my family not believing my ADHD diagnosis. So I had to get help by helping myself instead of trying to rely on them.

Hang tight, it does get better. I hope you know well always be a space for you to come to and vent about life’s frustrations. This site is a safe space to help you in any way shape or form.

Keep us updated, Cheesestick, and take care. Let us know what we can do to help further. You’re always welcomed here.