My life rn in a nutshell

I feel so down, I feel depressed I’m 17 gonna be 18 soon and I’m stressed out about everything idk if I can handle it all, I have to deal with my shitty family, shitty “friends”, and shitty people, this one shitty teacher, and these shitty girls that’s are bullies at school. I have to do college stuff and senior stuff and it’s stressful as all hell. I feel alone, depressed, unmotivated, want to die, and I don’t feel happiness anymore.

Hi friend,
First and foremost, I’ll be praying for you :slight_smile:
It seems like you’re carrying a heavy burden. The best i can say is that personally, when i have these super stressful moments in my life, i turn to God. It doesn’t mean the problem is solved instantly, but sometimes we have to just trust that He’s gonna take care of everything, especially those things we can’t handle on our own. And theres great peace to found in that.
There is strength and greatness inside of you. You were meant to do great things. If life is throwing hard things at you, learn to rest not to quit. Find some alone time where you can take a breather and pray (if you want).
Things will get better :slight_smile:


Hello friend,
I’ve been through that and all I can suggest is focus on yourself and leave the toxic people out. It’s a hard time of your life and having to deal with your parents is part of your natural growth. Just give it time and things will get better, I promise.
God is always there when you feel in need, and so are we.

Wishing you the best