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My life’s a mess. I don’t have hope

My life’s a mess.
I failed high school
I have no motivation to finish it
I have no motivation to do anything.
I feel lethargic
None of the pills I’m on work
I don’t have a job
I’m fat
I feel like I can’t do anything
I have nothing to live for
I’m so ashamed of myself. I’m a complete failure and I have no hope I can fight my way out of it. I’m not smart enough to pass the GED test. It takes me a long time to grasp certain concepts. I forget them quickly and I get easily confused. I have no self confidence. I isolate myself everyday in my room. I have no friends, literally none. I have depression and anxiety. I give up.

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You have many negative thoughts. That’s normal when you have been through many tough times in your life. I know there is something your good at. Everyone has something.
Look deep inside and be proud and build off that.

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Hey friend,

You are being way too hard on yourself, darl’n. Don’t self deprecate so much. ):

There are a lot of us that have moments in our life where we feel like our life is a mess. And it’s totally understandable that when things are stressful, overwhelming and frustrating to feel this way. It’s okay. I know sometimes life doesn’t go exactly how we had hoped or wanted to. We run into obstacles that slow us down from getting where we want to. We have plans but life ends up going a different route instead. I totally get how frustrating that can be.

You know, when I was in school, I failed all through it. I had learning disabilities and really struggled. Eventually I had to get taken out because of some mental/physical health issues and try to work on my diploma online and through the college GED system. Struggling in school doesn’t make you a failure my friend. It just means that you may need more time to get through it. But there are things available to help you through that. Tutors. Online high school options. GED.

I can understand the lack of motivation to do it when you are feeling so hard on yourself right now. I can understand how hard it can be if you are battling with depression. But friend, if you’re pills are not working, you should talk to your doctor. It sometimes takes a little while to find the right medicine, the right dose and the right doctors/therapist. I know how exhausting that can be, but if you talk to them about them not working, they can help you adjust it as needed.

It’s also important that you know, your weight and your lack of a job does NOT define or make your self worth. It does not take away from your value as a person. It does not deemo you unlovable. Okay?

I’m so sorry you are battling with such hard emotions right now and that you are feeling so down on yourself. I have learning disabilities, Autism and ADHD so I can completely relate to having a hard time grasping things. Forgetting easy and being confused. I often need help to understand things. But this doesn’t make you a failure.

Friend you matter. What you are going through matters. How you are feeling matters. I’m going to give you some links to some resources that you can take advantage of okay?

First of all, if you need a place to hang out and people to interact with to help how you feel. You can join our community on Twitch and discord if you haven’t already.


@Danjo is currently streaming over at

You should come join us. Talk to us. Let us embrace you. This often helps a lot of us.

There are some good books here that are worth looking into. One is on depression the other on self harm. There is also a 7 day free trial for online counseling. That you could look into. Even if you need help setting that up.

Friend we care about you. I’m sorry that you are struggling. But know that there is nothing but love in this community. No judgement. And you are always welcome to be a part of us and share your heart.

Think of you.

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You know sometimes I really feel like you, like a failure, like a worth of nothing and I dont have any friends left. But I am trying to be more than those feeling and thought because they are only that…feeling and thought and I am more than my negative thought and I can say 100% that you are too.
You arent stupid and a failure, everyone have thing that they are good at and there are thing that maybe for them is difficult to learn, when you are in the Second situation fight for that thing to become easy to you, maybe when you are having that fight you will fail sometimes but that life, try and try and try until you got it and I know that you can do it.

I know that isnt easy to change the view you have about yourself, there are times that I still hate myself and I start saying those negative thought,but you deserve better and you deserve to love yourself because your real best friend, the one that will always be with you no matter what, it would be yourself. So I know that it isnt easy but try to think about the thing you are proud of,the things you like to do, because if you start being even a little positive, things maybe start to change, you know that you have this community if you want to talk and we all are here to hear you.

And you said that you have depression and anxiety, I can only say that you are truly a great and so brave warrior, because even if I didnt have that, I know that live isnt easy for people that have that,so please dont stop trying and fighting :raised_hands:.

And welcome to this community.

Take care :heart:

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