My longest milestone yet

aughhhhh, i made it. i never thought I’d actually be able to but it’s been a whole goddamn year since my last relapse!

so much has happened in all that time that definitely helped me get there — i’ve made some truly awesome friends, grew closer to people i’ve already known and even got into a qpr with someone who means the world to me!

although i feel a bit weird, since the past few days have been such a struggle urge wise and i’m afraid now that i have met my goal, i’ll mess up again. but even if i do, that’s something i will deal with when or if it happens. i made it a year and that’s huge so i will try to focus on that instead.


I can see the effort and hard work that went into this. So proud of you!

Hope you write down how you feel, take a happy picture and remember this milestone! :smiley:
confetti canon

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Congratulations, that’s awesome! :tada: :tada: :tada: I know that you’ve been working so hard over this last year and am glad that you’ve gotten to a year clean — truly a massive accomplishment!

It’s also wonderful to hear that you’ve made great friends and gotten into a QPR.

And I love that you’re living in the moment and are focusing on the positive; again, I’m just so proud of you and am overjoyed to see this post!

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Gosh dangit, this is so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this milestone with all of us here. It’s been a while now that you have been part of this community, and I’ve never ceased to be amazed by your growth. Of course there times of doubts and fear, but through it all you have been so resilient, so determined.

Well done for reaching this step and celebrating your journey. The amount of inspiration you bring through your post and story is absolutely invaluable. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi my friend,
that is awesome, i am so proud of you. we are proud of you.
thank you for being part of our community.
Enjoy that ! you deserve that. congratulations! :purple_heart:
i would hug you right now if you would stand in front of me. to see how strong you are, after your
posts of your struggles and worries, and still not relapsing.
life is a up and down, like for everyone. this shows what you can do, what you have done and continuing
your story. thank you for sharing this, take some time for yourself and enjoy.
feel hugged and loved my friend,
Lovely Greetings

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That’s incredible! I’m so happy for you and so immensely proud of you! Love you friend :hrtlegolove:

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