My mask is too proud to be seen as a man i keep it

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My mask is too proud to be seen, as a man I keep it hidden away and when I’m alone I often bring it out, stare in to the darkness and say… thank you, because of you I am me, then I throw it back among the dust so nobody will ever notice. Being a guy sometimes isn’t all it’s made out to be but being strong is what makes us prevail. Stay strong everyone, the world is a better place with you in it as long as you remain a good person and look after those around you :heart:

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Wow. What a beautiful, powerful message you’ve shared here. Offering us to have a peak into this very moment that you usually keep hidden, away from the sight of others. It’s truly special to have the possibility to see this moment with you, through your words, and to understand how this experience is for you. In many ways, it is relatable to me, and I feel inspired by the way you’ve described it. This duality between isolating but also reconnecting with yourself, enduring the darkness but also recognizing in it what it allows you to unfold, who it allows you to become. It is so powerful when you have the possibility to meet yourself at this level. To sit with yourself not just for the sake of doing it, but actually welcoming your own darkness around the firepit, looking at it in the eyes, and recognizing that it is not your enemy, for it is also a part of you. That there is healing to find in the very possibility of sitting next to it rather than constantly pushing it away.

I hope that, moving forward, you will also have the possibility to experience how it feels to bring someone else to this firecamp. Just because there is another layer to it that is beautiful to feel at your core. To have someone next to you who sees both sides of you as you invited them there, and they don’t see you any differently. On the contrary, that they feel honored for the possibility to know the you that puts up a good face, but also the you that feels this deep vulnerability. Someone who can see YOU for who you are entirely, and would never judge you for it. There is something special when you start inviting trusted people to this table. It helps reflect to you a beauty that is inside of you but may not have seen yet.

For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I see it in your words here. I see you. And man, what a beautiful honor that is.

Thank you.

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