My mental health I need help

I need help. I am having diffuculties in my life in all areas, be it my career, my personal life everything. All I can think of everyday is that I want to end this life. If I had that courage I would’ve already done that. But I’m afraid what if I get that courage one day and i end up ruining everything. I love my parents, I am their single child. I understand everything but I need help


Hello @Shreyasi19

Welcome to Heart Support and thank you for being brave and posting.

I’m so sorry that you’re having difficulties with different areas in your life. It seems like a good way out is to just not be here and that’s the first thought a lot of people have and it’s really hard to see past that. We just want the pain to end.

There are ways to fix the things in your life that you’re not happy with, however.

Like seeking therapy to work on the things in your life that are not working well. Learning different ways to cope with these things, changing behaviors and how you look at yourself and the world. It takes a bit of work, compassion for yourself and patience, but I believe in you.

You are worthy of living a good life and you matter.


Hi Shreyasi,
thank you for posting, thank you for reaching out and Welcome to Heart Support.
that is sounding like pretty much that you are going through. life can be so overwhelming, too much at a time,
too often. in so many situations we don’t know how we could go on when everything comes together.
you have reached out here, have you considered the idea of a therapy maybe ? or a community in your area of
living where you might find help ? a self help group maybe ?
learning how we handle different and difficult situations, how we can cope, and also trying to understand ourselves
better. it helped a lot of people, it helped me also. we all struggle, some more some less, but in the end we are all
humans. this is life. don’t pressure yourself with carrying the weight alone. take it easy and take care of yourself.
you will do great, you matter most my friend. you are loved and you are strong :purple_heart:
feel hugged


Hi @Shreyasi19

I believe you are overwhelmed, and you need a break big time. Being overwhelmed like this leads to burnout, which you may already be experiencing. As @Mystrose and @Aardvark have suggested, therapy may be a good outlet for you to get started with. Therapy can help provide several different therapy types and coping mechanisms to start getting life on track the way you’d like it to. Have you reached out to your parents about your struggles? I can provide some anxiety worksheets, or even things like different coping mechanisms you can try. I would suggest that finding a support group, and even some kind of career couch could help as well. You deserve a career that makes you happy, and a life that’s less stressful than this.

Please keep us updated, and let us know if there’s anything specific you would like support with. Take care, friend.


From: ManekiNeko

hey can I encourage you to have a look through this thread About the Safety Plan category and have a look through some resources first. Because your safety is the most important thing to me and to anyone here.

the fact you understand that you need to reach out for help is so amazing. I’m so proud of you. Keep coming and talking all you need

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, welcome to Heartsupport and thank you for reaching out, its hard to find the courage to do that to a lot of strangers but I am so glad you did. I am truly sorry that you are finding so many things a struggle right now and wonder if you have the possibility of reaching out to your Doctor to find out if there is any help they can offer (I dont mean drugs) depending on where you are, some doctors can refer you to talk therapy or they may give you the details to do that yourself, I highly recommend it to give you a place to talk about all the things that you are thinking and feeling and get them into a place in your head where you can deal with them one at a time so as not to get too overwhelmed. Also regarding the thoughts of ending your life? if this does become a serious thought to you please reach out to a crisis line who can help you I will pop some details under this reply. We are all here to support you friend. Much Love Lisa x


Hi there @Shreyasi19,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time. It sounds like you have so much going on and I can only imagine how overwhelming and exhausting this is likely to become.

With that said, it’s good to hear that you’re scared of taking your own life; that’s your body’s way of telling you that death isn’t the right answer (I know, it may not feel like that right now). Instead of that, perhaps you could channel your courage into trying to recover (and I know this takes a lot of courage). If you’re able to, perhaps therapy could help you to handle some of these challenging thoughts that you’re experiencing.

If you’d like to share more details on what’s going on in your life, we’re here for you and would love to listen. You’re loved and cared for, and I’m glad that you’re sharing with us.

<3 Tuna

P.S. Welcome to HeartSupport! Nice to have you here.

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From: twixremix

hi shreyasi,

welcome to the forum! thank you for your vulnerability on how your mental health is doing. i’m so sorry life in all respects is treating you poorly. moments like these sure do feel overwhelming and almost suffocating, all we want is an easy way out. but you do have the courage to stick around, to face hardships with bravery and perseverance. what you’re going through is not easy, especially with reoccurring thoughts of suicide. but you’re here on this planet, you’re on this forum asking for support and encouragement because you know you deserve it. if i can also be vulnerable with you, i’ve had the most suicidal thoughts i’ve had in my life these past 2 years. but i stuck around not for myself but for my family, friends, and dog, they need me as much as i need them. and sometimes that’s all we need. so as you continue on in your journey, stick around for them and hopefully you can find a reason to stick around for yourself as well. that’s my main wish for you. i believe in you to maybe reach out to a professional for some counseling expertise to maybe improve some aspects of your life, to take the things causing you pain and finding solutions to them one-by-one. all in all, keep walking forward. you got this.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Welcome to HeartSupport, Shreyasi19, and thank you for sharing with us :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry that life is overwhelming you right now.

I agree with the others suggesting you seek out a therapist (or a life coach as well would be possible, or both). They do not just help with talking but counselors can help you focus on things that are important and help you get your life to where you want it to be if you have ideas on what may help you remain a part of the world. They can help with techniques and helping you find the things to focus on and the things to let go of.

I definitely think you have probably burned yourself out and you need to find some relaxation time to just be you. Do you have paid time off at your job or are just somewhat financially stable? If you are able to do so, a little vacation may be just what you need. Even just a little road trip somewhere. Alone or with a close friend. Someone who will help you think about nothing real for a bit and will just help you enjoy the little things in life.

I know from personal experience that sometimes when all you want is nothing, the small things are the ones that can really help you find those bits of happiness again.

I hope that you can find some peace and some help and that you can start to heal some. Please feel free to post here anytime. We’re always happy to see updates from people about their lives and their journeys. :hrtlegolove:

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