My mom can not seem to be nice to me

My mom can not at all say a single nice thing to me it seems she’s either complaining that I’m up early or not up early enough she’s even bitching about the soles of my feet being dirty like yeah I walk around the house bare foot like yeah no shit they are gonna be dirty she can’t seem to compliment me about anything my art is too depressing my clothes are too bland or too dark and perverted like Jesus what am I supposed to be woman I know you don’t like that I’m trans JUST FUCKING SAY IT


Why wouldn’t she say it?

If your referring to her not liking the fact I’m transgender it’s cuz she’s a closeted biggot she uses double meaning terms and dog whistles she uses othering language she calls all other trans people IT and slurs she just dosent wanna say it to me cuz she knows I’ll call her out on it and that she is in denial of me being transgender she has hinted that I should seek out the guidance of the Lord to help me through my gender struggles

Hi there @Derpplup,

I know it has been nearly a week since your post so I wanted to check back in to see how you’re doing?

In terms of the content of your post, it sounds like your mom isn’t accepting of your gender identity, which absolutely stinks!! Gender is such a personal thing and that lack of acceptance, particularly from someone so close to you, can be incredibly painful.

With that said, you have every right to identify with any gender that you choose, and your mom doesn’t have a say over your internal feelings in that regard. Your gender is yours, and you’ll always be valued and accepted here, regardless of what your mom implies.

Thank you for sharing with us. If there’s more on your mind, please feel free to share; we’re here to listen.

That’s so frustrating. Having a parent who is constantly letting you know how they think things should be, how they want YOU to be. Nothing more infiuriating than someone who tries to say things without saying them – the lack of acceptance for who you are becomes a fuel to criticize everything else and constantly disagree with you. A good recipe to make you feel bad about yourself, for simply being.

I’m glad you keep using this space to express what needs to be out. Your mom may not be able to see beyond her definition of what should be, but we see you here, and we love you unconditionally. No criteria to meet. You can release the pressure, be yourself and share your voice as much as you need.

I hope you don’t let criticism shake your confidence or sense of self-worth. This is about her insecurities, not about you as a person. You’re loved. <3