My mom didnt come home

two days ago i texted my mom, told her she needed help. she lied about abuse and everything. i thought the next time i came on here i would be talking about that, because that messed me up, but my moms basically missing. at 3:30 pm yesterday she went to a bar and most likely got really really drunk. around the 10 hour mark i started to worry but i thought id give it some time, because the last time she did this it took her 13 hours to come home. then it hit 12 hours and it was a bit more concerning. then 13 hours, then 14, then 15, then 16, now 17 hours. im really scared, i mean she needs help and im so mad at her right now but shes gone, its been almost 24 hours since shes been home. the only reason i know where she went in the first place is because i get her emails, so i saw the uber receipts. i tried texting her and calling her but i havent gotten any kind of response and im so scared, i mean what if shes passed out somewhere? or hurt, what if shes gotten arrested or gone to the hospital?? im jusst absolutely terrified and i dont know where she could be right now considering the last time she tried to go anywhere was 7 hours ago. i thought she would come home eventually. but i dont think she is. she has absolutely no friends here so its not like she went to some friends house to stay, she didnt take any clothes with her, its not like she booked into a hotel. i dont know if i need to call the cops or if me and my dad need to go to where she last was, im really scared but i dont know if this is serious enough


i’m so sorry that you’re in this position, it must be very worrying while also making you a bit angry.

Given her history of making accusations and getting into all sorts of irresponsible behaviour when drunk, making a missing report after 24 hours seems like it might be a good idea. You can prob also let them know that while she has gone on 13 hours disappearance before while out drinking, you are worried since it’s been more that that this time.

wishing you strength and peace. We’re here for you.

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Hey @graciee,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It must be incredibly hard right now to think about all these possibilities without having any answer. Please know that if you need to vent while figuring this out, you can always do it here. This situation has been ongoing for a while and I can only imagine the pressure you feel right now. You’re not alone though. We’re here and we stand with you.

Is your dad aware of the situation? If no, it might be good to discuss with him about it and decide together the route to take. If yes, may I ask what is his perspective?

As for the cops, it might be a possibility, although checking on the places before would certainly be good. Your dad could also call the local hospitals and see if she has been admitted somewhere eventually.

Please keep us up to speed if that is okay for you. Make sure to breathe as well. I know it’s hard to not worry or imagine the worst, but for now we just don’t know how it is.

Your family and you are in my thoughts. :hrtlegolove:


It’s been a while now since your post, any luck with finding her. Not being able to find someone is terrifying. Do you have any idea where she could have gone at all? And does she do this often? Definetly check out the last places she has been, you may find something that leads to her, or just her sleeping there. I really hope you can find her.
Best of luck,


All the suggestions here are good. Without a doubt, you should call the police. They’d know if she’s been detained somewhere, or even in an ER. I wish I could help.

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she came home, she had been somewhere but im not sure where exactly, thanks for all the help and kindness <3


What a relief. Thank you so much for the updates, @graciee. I hope you can rest a little bit after such intense emotions. :hrtlegolove:

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