My mom hates anime and idk why?

Hi, so my mom hates anime with a burning passion, like, she thinks it’s the spawn of satan or something. now i don’t think that but i’m also not a huge fan. I’ll watch some when either I’m bored or the mood strikes me. I literally have only watched Naruto and she acts as if I’m joining a cult or something? And I can’t reason with her and so I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t think it’s as “dark” or “ungodly” as she thinks? She’s also extremely religious.

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So there are a bunch of people who are frightened whenever something appears that they don’t know inside out yet. Remember when rock was the devil’s work? To me, anime has such a broad selection, it’s like real movies and series. It’s just drawn and spoken in japanese. You’ve got detective series, romance, comedies… I think it might be nice to ask your mom to have and open mind and explore together with you what different kinds of anime there are.

Easiest question to ask: have you tried to explain that pokemon is also an anime?

I am sorry to hear that. Many religious people are closed minded when it comes to Anime, many people think anything that’s non Western is non Christian. Tell her there are Christian Anime out there like Super Book have her watch that its Bible Stories in Anime form.

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hey astroly and ranma lol so my mom didn’t let my six year old nephew watch pokemon because she said it was violent lol. and reasoning with her as to why is pointless, i’ve tried and she’s like how could you you’re falling into darkness. i will look into the super book XD and i tried telling her its like just japanese cartoons and shes like no its not so yeah

This kinda reminds me of how in the 80s they said the same thing about Dungeons and Dragons and then again with Harry Potter. It’s easy to judge when people can’t or won’t understand something. Anime and Manga are not evil. It is how Japan does their comics and their cartoons. I have known devout Christians who are obsessed with Anime and Magna and they do not see it as evil or wrong, there are some they don’t watch because of certain themes but they still watch it and love it. I myself like it as you can tell by my profile picture. There is even a Christian ministry called GameChurch that works with people that play video games and are into Anime so that they can still do that in a Christian environment. There are some Animes where it is kid friendly and others that are definitely for adults only. There even is a Magna bible to help preach the gospel to that demographic. I’m sorry that she is not open-minded to you watching Anime. Maybe talk to her and ask her where she is coming from and explain to her where you are coming from. You can also talk to a youth pastor to see their input on this. There are people with no religion or faith who love Anime and there are devout Christians and Pastors who love it. It’s just a matter of finding the right one that you like. Hope that things improve soon.