My mom’s anger

Jesus christ, I might just have a panic attack.

We’re going to have some visitors over in a bit and my mom is super stressed out about it(she always is). And that results in her temper being even shorter than usual, meaning; my existence is pissing her off and everything I do makes her mad at me. Whether it be me actually doing something or just breathing around her. I’ve gotten enough courage to confront her about it by now, but she’s not even listening to me. And in combination of how shitty I am feeling in general lately, that’s just great


I am sorry that your mom is losing her temper with you. That sucks :frowning: and I feel for you. Idk if this would work or if you havn’t already tried this but maybe try just avoiding her/staying in your room until she calms down? Again idk details so idk if that would work but its an option.
You got this.

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Hey, I really hope things are better and you are doing alright today:) My mom is the same way:/ if we have people coming over or whatever and she gets stressed she lashes out at everyone and is super pissed. (mostly at me since im an only child) It can be very draining to have a parent like that. Just know it is not your fault. You are not a bad person for your mothers actions. You are loved.

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I’m an only child too. So yeah, I know that situation too well. But things went well today :]]


I try to avoid her mostly, when these kind of things happen. But even that is pissing her off sometimes lmao

Im glad today was okay:)

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