My moms health issues

My mom has a genitive spine disease which makes her discs in her back and neck wear out faster. This has caused many problems through her life. One day while I was still inside her as a baby she woke up paralyzed which lasted about 5 hours. She had multiple surgeries on her back and neck and each one cause even more problems. She has migraines everyday, she has to take a ton of pills to keep the pain down as much as possible, she has lost her job of 20 years from not being able to work because of surgeries. meaning that our family is going into debt and we struggle to play for the medical bills and now she cant go to physical therapy. on-top all that she thinks of herself as a burden for not being able to help around the house and having her 16 year old son to help do most of it. also my stepdad now works 12 hours a day for the overtime to keep us afloat and are feeling hopeless and like there is no end to all this.

Thanks for posting @TheCheshireHound.

I know that this is really hard on you and you’re family. Please know that all bad situations come to an end at some point. Your situation is not going to last forever and if you sit down and really think about it, you’ll realize just how silly that sounds. There’s going to come a time when everything’s going to be ok. I don’t know when that will be or what that will look like but this terrible situation will not last forever. Stay strong and look for the positive things in life.

Much love.


@TheCheshireHound, have hope. Things won’t always be like this.
Be there for your mom. As a parent, she of course feels responsibility. Let her know that she’s not worthless and that you care.
Stay strong <3


Hey @TheCheshireHound,

Keep holding on.
There are better days ahead. I truly believe that.
Just keep holding on to hope for better days. When there is a breakthrough, celebrate it. Look for the small victories and hold on to them.

You’ve got this!

Hold Fast,


Hey @TheCheshireHound - Thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s health issues and that your stepdad is gone most of the day. It can definitely be difficult growing up without both parents present. I’m sure your mom is going through a huge hurdle in life right now, so I would just recommend to be there for her as much as you can an to reassure your love for her. Be careful to not put her burdens on your shoulders though, because they can weigh you down and create a sense of anxiety. You’re strong. Keep pushing forward. We believe in you.

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Thank you everyone you surely did make me feel better and I can see better days ahead but it feels so far away.

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@TheCheshireHound here is the video response

Hold Fast


@TheCheshireHound hey there friend, i am so sorry that your mom is going through this. by the way your mom is NOT a burden. She may not be able to help as much but shes here to love you. just knbow that you and your family are loved no matter what. it may be hard rightnow but it may get easy and i hope your mom gets better soon. my dad injured his knee acouple months back and had to get surgery and IS still recovering so i feel you and you are not alone