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My mother can be my major trigger

I was lucky to come from a supporting family, my mom is the best mom I could ask for. She kinda and was always their for me, what ever I need it.

However, she also a major trigger in my life. She a workaholic, to a point where she can’t sit still, would just dig random holes on ground cause she is bored. She martyr herself to my grandmother and aunt that don’t give two shit about her. They use her and drain everything she gots. She also is a control freak too and had really bad mental break, where I act like w child and can’t control myself. She cause me to have one recently and I got mental abuse towards her.

It’s fuck up that feel this way.

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

You are touching base with the complexity or our relationships with our parents. It’s awesome that your family is supportive and you are fully aware of how your mom is with you. However, it’s also okay to acknowledge an issue or an unhealthy pattern when there is one. You may find yourself as being childish in the way you reacted the other day, but what I see in your post is a very mature and thoughtful way to describe and understand the situation. It is indeed possible that your mom’s behavior and presence works as a trigger for you. I’ve had that to with my own mom, for very different reasons. But still, it got to the point of being anxious beyond control and unable to function/being too depressed for days after havnig a small interaction with her. Being aware of how the dynamic of the relationship with your mom affects you is really strong, and definitely a step forward. I don’t know if it’s the first time you come to terms with that reality, but well done for taking the time to acknowledge what’s going on there. You are gaining a better understanding of yourself, of the situation, and this will help you in the run to develop some better coping mechanisms.

You’re on the right track, friend. I believe in you.

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