My mother died when i was 6 months old to a brain

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My mother died when I was 6 months old to a brain tumor, one the myself and my older brother also got. My brother died at 25 to the same thing. 5 years later I’m now 20 and feel like there’s nothing in the world worth going through this much pain when I could instead join them early and stop feeling so lost in everything and pointless in everything I do. I will never be capable of ending my own life, but I often wish I was.

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Im so sorry… that is very tough to go through, coming from myself who has experienced many losses of loved ones through life, it hurts… it really hurts

But do not quit on yourself, do not quit on your friends and loved ones, you are full of amazing life, you have ot all ahead of you, you are worth it and you are loved! You’re friends and family all love you! Try speaking with them, open up about your thoughts and emotions, engage in activities and hobbies you enjoy, i know it easier said than done, but use it to fuel you, your mother and brother do not want to see you in any pain… they want you to live on and enjoy your life, you have a whole life ahead of you with so many great moments that haven’t happened yet, do not give up on yourself… it hurts i know, but live on and carry the memories you made with them ans cherish them, you are so loved and your people do not want to see you suffer, stay strong my friend, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

  • sending love your way
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hey friend,

i’m so sorry for the loss of your mom and brother. your frustrations and every and all emotions this grief brings you is seen, heard, and understood. even through these losses, your life still bares great meaning and infinite value. i’m glad you’re here both in these youtube comments opening up about your grief as well as in this world. you aren’t alone in losing loved ones to cancer and i know there are support groups who are ready to embrace you fully and unconditionally with shared experiences. there is meaning you can bring to causes that bring awareness, preventions, and treatments to cancer patients. you can live out their memory in everything you do, to the people you love, and to those that love you. hope is not lost. hope can be ignited through the love in your heart and the pain you have persevered through. the grief you experience is a testament to that love you have for your family and i believe in you to keep fighting forward. you have meaning. you have worth. you are loved. i believe in you fully and will keep you in my thoughts.


You’ve been through so much. It’s completely understandable to lose hope. Thank you for reaching out.
I’m sending you some love. You matter. Your life matters and we’re here to support you through this journey.
Keep your head up. I believe in you.

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hi there,

i am so so sorry for your loss. cancer and tumors SUCK. i lost my grandmother in a similar way when i was younger and, although i was too young to feel strongly about her death, hearing my family talk about it made me understand the weight of that loss. i am proud of you for persevering so much in your situation and i hope that your life does bring you moments that you can cherish. i always imagine life as a roller coaster, i hope you can embrace the ups in it and i hope you find grace and comfort when there are downs.
you are not alone. there are communities of people out there who share similar stories to you and i hope that you may be able to listen to those stories as well. there will also always be people here who will listen to you if you need it and who are here for you. i hope you continue to stay strong and carry the memories of your loved ones with you. lead your life with small victories and resilience. your mom and brother will always be there for you, they ARE with you.

stay strong and stay with us. i am proud of you.



Your post shattered my heart into a million pieces, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and fear you are going through. Cancer freaking sucks and I am so sorry for all you and your family have gone through. It’s completely understandable to feel as though you have no reason to continue, but I pray that you can find hope that will motivate you to continue and live joyfully each day. I know that’s easier said than done, but I believe in you and I know you still have a purpose. You have so much left to give this world and those that you love. Don’t give up; you haven’t finished your story. It’s just the beginning, and there are so many pages of life left for you to write. Continue to live; that is what your mother and brother would want, more than anything, for you. You are not alone; we are here for you.

With love